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Homes Go High Tech With a Military Background and Offers Clients Top-Notch Customer Service

It all started in the military. 

Owner Bryan Worthen explains, “Mysight Innovations was started on the same principles that the US Coast Guard instilled in me: honor, respect, and devotion to duty. Our clients are who we serve, and we pride ourselves with the due diligence of being available and willing to help our clients at any hour and day.”

His years of service to his country extend to his McKinney-based company, “We pride ourselves in the years of knowledge that we have acquired. Which includes striving each and every day to be willing, prepared, and qualified to complete any and all tasks quickly, safely, and within your budget.”

Certified as a disabled veteran business, Worthen takes those same traits from the military and applies them to not only his life, but certainly as a tenet to his business.

“We make it all easy and convenient.” Worthen offers. “Instead of several different apps, our systems consolidate it all.  Offering you ease of use and easy to understand, yet the highest smart technology available.”

“From lights, music, climate, security, and doorbells to whatever comes next, we make interacting with all of your smart devices simple by building controls that are easy for everyone to access and use right in the walls of your home.”

The business, that opened in October of 2020 actually started years and years ago with Worthen’s love of technology.  His expertise also comes from his years specializing in overt and covert surveillance for the United States Secret Service.  He has transferred those skills, expertise and knowledge into his business and what he offers his clients.

“It’s not just the coolest, newest high-tech toy, this not only makes your life easier, but also can definitely increase the value of your home. So, when you go to sell your home, you have what people are already expecting in homes of the future. It’s an investment in your home that will pay you back.” Worthen says excitedly, “We absolutely LOVE what we do and what we offer our clients! Keeping you and your family safe and protected by offering the highest available cutting-edge technology and at the same time providing the absolute TOP-NOTCH Customer Service is core of our business foundations.”

Mysight Innovations provides a wide range of Smart Home automation services for your home that can remotely control and automate household systems like lighting, doors, heating & air conditioning, entertainment systems, security alarms, surveillance cameras and other connected appliances.

Worthen and his experts can create whole home scenes anyway to fit your lifestyle from a single-app. They deliver solutions such as:

·         Smart Door Locks

·         Smart Thermostats

·         Smart Lights

·         Smart Ceiling fans

·         Smart Shades

·         Smart Sprinkler System

·         Smart Cameras

·         Network Solutions

·         Audio & Video

·         Home Theaters

·         Smart Garage Doors

·         Whole home Automated Security (motion, glass break, Door & Window Sensors)

·         We can create whole home scenes anyway you want

From dinner party to date night, Mysight Innovation provides you the ability to ‘set the scene’ with whatever mood you want all programmed and serviced for you in the palm of your hand on your phone – or any smart device. Pool party in the plans? Plan our the temperature, lights, music all with one app. Control the TV, the locks, allow special codes, turn the TV or games off for the kids bedtimes, all of it, one app. Everything in your house – all with the highest level Mysight offers you. 

But their services are more than just home security and Smart Home Technology.

MySights Innovation are also experts at New Construction Wiring, Remodeling & Renovation Wiring, Electrical Maintenance and more. Master Electricians provide residential services that also include:

·         New Build & Restoration

·         Single Family

·         Hight Rises

·         Multi Family

·         Condos

·         Additions to the home & office

·         Installing light fixtures & ceiling fans

·         Adding/modifying outlets

·         Running & Replacing wire for low/high voltage

·         Adding outdoor lighting & other electrical features

·         Install or updating electrical panels, junction boxes, transformers, & associate wiring

·         Installing high voltage systems & facility systems, including boilers, chillers, & HVAC

Beyond Home Automation, Mysight Innovation extend specializing and automating your business so you can concentrate on the business of your business.  The specialists at Mysight focus on helping your business run at its peak capacity.

Mysight Innovations provides a wide range of Smart Business Automation services for your business that can remotely control and automate systems like lighting, doors, heating & air conditioning, entertainment systems, security alarms, surveillance cameras and other connected devices.

We can create whole business scenes anyway to fit your business style from a single-app. We deliver solutions such as:

·         Smart Door Locks

·         Smart Thermostats

·         Smart Lights

·         Smart Ceiling fans

·         Smart Shades

·         Smart Sprinkler System

·         Smart Cameras

·         Audio & Video

·         Smart Room Scheduling

·         AV over IP Technology
Smart Media

·         Conference & Meeting Spaces

·         Enterprise networking Solutions

·         Enterprise Audio

·         Presentation Systems

Their focus will always remain with what they value most: you, their highly-valued clients and offering you the absolute best customer service.

They promise you this: “You can count on Mysight Innovations, your local, licensed, full-service contractor for fast- free – competitive and quick pricing estimates on all your jobs. Our Licensed Technicians are Knowledgeable and reliable. We will make sure that you’re happy with Mysight Innovations work no matter how large or small your job. Providing our residential and commercial clients with the highest quality products and services, all at an affordable price makes Mysight Innovations Your local go to business!”

You can get in touch with Bryan Worthen and their highly-quality expert staff at:

Mysight Innovation