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Hometown Heroes

We are highlighting four locals that have impacted our community in big ways

Article by Bailey Morris and Michelle W. Parnell

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Evans City Lifestyle

There are many things that make our community so great and one of those things is the people who live here. So many people have helped, given, and supported those who needed it. We talked with four amazing people who make our town home.

Mason Short

Offensive Tackle, Evans High School Football Team

When Andrea Short held her son, Mason, for the first time, she had no idea that her 5-pound preemie son would one day be highly recruited by college football coaches for his skills as offensive tackle. Mason, now 280 pounds and 6 feet 6 inches tall, finds himself with three years left of high school and his choice of colleges. “I feel very lucky, and I’m humbled by all this,” says Mason. He attributes his success to many people in his life, including Evans Head Coach Barrett Davis, who brought over forty colleges to watch his players practice, and Ryan Bowers, who helps Mason with his training as well as serving as a life mentor.

When Help Can’t Wait

Augusta, Georgia

“We are the only organization in the area that I know of that provides help to nursing homes and residents of nursing homes,” says Abbie Baumann, When Help Can’t Wait board member. “We collect funds to supply nursing home residents with necessary items that most nursing homes don't provide such as clothing, adult diapers, and toiletries.” As a non-profit organization, most of the funding comes through grants, fundraisers, and donations. When Help Can’t Wait also operates a Thrift Store located at 122 Old Evans Road – Suite B and proceeds from sales benefit the elderly.

For more information or to donate, visit The Coca-Cola Corporation proudly partners with When Help Can’t Wait to meet the needs of the elderly in the CSRA.

Prepare for Babies

The Metzler’s

Rushton and Mandy Metzler, founders of Prepare For Babies, live in Evans with their two boys, Knox and Luke. “Prepare For Babies is a resource to help moms who are in a crisis pregnancy situation. Normally moms are given three choices; have an abortion, give their baby up for adoption, or they can have the baby and risk the baby being taken by the state. The Lord showed us the fourth option - that was that we could help these moms by caring for their newborn around the clock while they do what they need to do to get back on their feet,” says Mandy.

For more information about Prepare For Babies or to see how you can help, visit

Jason Stallings

Trauma Nurse Lead, Doctors Hospital of Augusta

Jason Stallings, Trauma Nurse Lead at Doctors Hospital of Augusta, has a joyful personality that can make a patient's worst day a little brighter. “I try to treat everybody how I would want my family to be treated. In the first 10 minutes of their arrival to the hospital, we have to do so many things in such a short amount of time. We follow a certain set of guidelines, identify what’s wrong, figure out how to reverse it, treat it, and make it better as quickly as humanly possible,” says Jason.