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Sunny Holberton and Ana Winters

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Madisyn Newman

Bracelet Jam

One year ago, Madisyn Newman started her first business making jewelry. At eleven years old, she wanted to find a way to earn money and enjoyed making bracelets. Since then she has learned new techniques, introduced new bracelet designs, and now also makes keychains. Madisyn tells us that her favorite thing to make is the clay bead bracelets. All of her jewelry can be customized and some pieces can be personalized with names or initials. When asked what she plans to do with the money earned from her sales, Madisyn says, “We’re moving soon so I’m saving up to get some stuff for my new room.”

Madisyn also enjoys playing soccer, is on the A-B Honor Roll, loves chorus and is a part of the State Honor Choir Program. To see Madisyn’s creations or to place a custom order, join her Bracelet Jam by Madisyn group on Facebook.

Linda Adams

When Help Can't Wait

Linda Adams is passionate about helping and serving others. For over ten years, Linda worked with When Help Can’t Wait, a nonprofit that provides clothing and other necessities to nursing home residents for free. “I would go over and organize the donations and put them where they needed to go,” says Linda. “We’d also take clothes to the nursing homes and put them out on a table and let the residents shop.” One of Linda’s favorite things about serving is seeing residents smile when they would find clothing they loved. 

  Linda helps out wherever she is needed. She has also volunteered her time with other nonprofits such as Broad Street Ministry, Child Enrichment, and Garden City Ministry.

Ana Winters and Sunny Holberton

Student Visionaries Of The Year, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Ana Winters and Sunny Holberton are running for Student Visionaries Of The Year with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Student Visionaries Of The Year candidates are able to choose a co-candidate and a team of ten to fifteen people. Ana and Sunny’s team consists of ten other students, “They play a big role and are a huge help,” says Ana.

  “We were both team members last year and they reached out to me and asked if I would do a team this year. I enjoyed it last year so I decided to do it again. I thought Sunny would be a really good person to be a candidate with me and we found our team members at school,” says Ana.

If you would like to support Ana, Sunny, and the rest of the team, please visit to make a donation.

Mike Stephens

Mike Stephens is a retired hospital administrator. After retiring, he started a recycling ministry. “When people call me and say, ‘I’ve got a washer and dryer - I bought a new one and don’t know what to do with the old ones that still work,’ I go and pick it up for free of charge and locate a place to put it,” he shares. Mike finds families who need these items and gives them appliances or furniture. If he can’t find a family in need, he calls other local ministries to see if they need the item.

  Mike doesn’t allow people to pay for the furniture but if they insist, he asks that they donate the money to the Missions Account at Grace Fellowship Church. “That way when I go to Honduras, if I don’t have the funds, I notify the church,” says Mike. In November of 2021, Mike traveled to Honduras to build a forty-person dorm conference center that provides missionaries a place to rest.

  If you have furniture or appliances you no longer need, contact Mike by calling 706-373-8488.

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