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Hope For Better Days Ahead

Aster Springs Nashville is providing best-in-class residential treatment for women experiencing eating disorders.

Most of us are settling into a new year filled with hope for better days ahead. But for others, the recent holiday season may have presented some unsettling realities.

Perhaps you, or a loved one, weren’t fully engaged in the food, fun and festivities. It’s the type of disconnection that could be an indication of an eating disorder.

“We experience higher than usual call volume in January,” says Kayla Carson, Associate Vice President of Clinical Partnerships for Odyssey Behavioral Healthcare, the operator of Aster Springs Nashville, the new residential eating disorder center in Bellevue. “Family members who haven’t been together, see each other at the holidays and notice something drastic has changed.”

While eating disorders are nothing new, treatment of them has come a long way.

“I believe that treatment for eating disorders is one of the most critical needs in healthcare,” says Dr. Hillary Whipple, Aster Springs’ executive director. “Since opening last summer, we’ve been able to help many women experience life-changing results.”

Dr. Whipple says that denial is a leading indicator of eating disorders. “It’s common for someone to deny that a problem exists, even when those closest to them express concern. And, if food or exercise becomes obsessive to the point that they’re ruling your life, that’s a red flag. It can lead to a cycle of other destructive behaviors.”

Aster Springs can accommodate up to eight women at 7544 Old Harding Pike. The bucolic setting is ideally conducive to treatment, recovery, and successful outcomes.

“The environment is beautiful. You’ll see the historic old church and recording studio up on a hill,” says Dr. Whipple. “It’s intentionally relaxing and homelike, beautifully decorated and with lots of outside light.”

Treatment and counseling occur throughout the day and there is ample time in the evening to unwind and connect with others. The residence is staffed 24/7 and a nurse is always onsite or on call.

“Since opening last summer, we’ve been able to help many women experience life-changing results.”

  • Dr. Hillary Whipple