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Four Facts You May Not Know About Mercy Health–Fairfield Hospital

At the turn of the new year, we turn our attention to Mercy Health–Fairfield Hospital, our neighboring community hospital which has earned national recognition for heart, stroke and breast cancer care. Faithfully providing quality care since 1892, Mercy Fairfield is part of the Mercy Health system in Greater Cincinnati.

The warm and welcoming spirit of Fairfield Hospital starts at the top with President Justin Krueger. 

“Everybody has a ‘why’ for pursuing healthcare. It’s usually immensely personal,” shares Krueger, who remembers doing hospital rounds with his physician stepfather as a curious 10-year-old. “The 1,400 associates who work here get up every day, as do I, wanting to help people. They provide expert care for their neighbors,” he says.

Krueger sat down with us to share four facts you may not know about this community hospital with heart. 

Services reach beyond its northern suburb.

Fairfield Hospital is rooted in Fairfield, but its services extend far beyond campus. The hospital serves as a hub of healthcare for Butler County, from Oxford to Springdale. Its mobile mammography vans travel across Cincinnati, bringing screenings directly to patients. After-hours care and convenient locations increase accessibility and flexibility for the community.

“We give individuals access to care that they might not otherwise be able to receive,” says Krueger.

The care team is happy to see you go home.

As much as they like their patients, the goal of Fairfield Hospital’s care team is to send you home well. In fact, they hope you don’t ever require hospitalization. By offering public education and increasing outpatient services, they are moving from reactive to proactive care, hoping to prevent illness and promote healthy lifestyles. 

“We are making a shift to a health and wellness focus,” explains Krueger.

Fairfield Hospital launches healthcare careers.

Fairfield Hospital is an educational institution. As one of 600 hospitals in the world with Magnet accreditation, it is recognized as a gold-standard of excellence for training nurses. Watch for medical residents on campus soon, as they are newly approved to become a teaching hospital for physicians. 

“We are excited to play our role in contributing to the pipeline of future clinicians and caregivers,” Krueger says. 

Fairfield Hospital is poised for growth to meet the community’s needs. 

Fairfield Hospital continues to grow alongside the community it serves. Watch for expansion in cardiovascular services with the opening of a new electrophysiology lab this year, meeting a significant need in our area. 

“We’ve provided expert care for nearly 45 years at Mercy Fairfield and we will continue to do that. As the community grows and evolves, we will too,” assures Krueger. “We are committed to keeping quality care close to home.”

  • Justin Krueger, President of Mercy Health - Fairfield Hospital