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Houseplants and Your Health

The Many Benefits of Spending Some Green on Greenery

Home should be a place where one can breathe easy. The rise in popularity of indoor plants throughout the home is a trend that is making it easier to do so. Plants have been proven to offer several benefits to homeowners beyond adding to decor.

“People today spend a lot of time inside on devices like computers and phones,” says Cathy Harbison, owner of Baysore’s Flowers in Mason. “They see plants as a way to help take away some of the ‘harmful’ effects of such activity.”

In fact, recently reported that people generally spend more than 80 percent their time indoors, and indoor air pollution can increase your risk for stroke, heart disease, COPD, respiratory infections in children and even lung cancer. Plants are a natural air purifier. They can remove toxins not only from the air but also from clothing and home furnishings too.

If the people living in your home are prone to allergies, consider living green plants as a way to filter airborne microbes. Many indoor plants can boost the humidity in the air, reducing the amount of dust and dry air that are common triggers of allergy flare-ups.

“We’re seeing that wellness and self-care are important to this generation. Plants can do a lot to boost your mood,” Cathy says. “Their aesthetics are visually pleasing and can even have a calming effect.”

One study by the Department of Psychology at Rutgers found that flowers have an immediate impact on happiness and improve memory, specifically for an event. The act of giving and receiving flowers is often associated with love and gratitude, so it’s no wonder that seeing them is a reminder of those positive feelings and an instant mood-booster.

Indoor plants come in a variety of types, sizes and level of care required to keep them at their healthiest. Just a small bit of research can help determine which plant is right for your home.

“Owners should consider the amount of natural light in the space where they want a plant, and how attentive they can actually be to things like watering or keeping it safe from small children or pets,” Cathy says. “We offer several indoor plants and can help a customer find the perfect plant based on their unique situation or request.”

Baysore’s Flower Shop, 301 Reading Road, Mason


Fiddle-Leaf Fig

This “it” plant excels in natural light with little watering. It’s known for its large leaves, grand presence and is trending in home decor everywhere.


A superb air purifier by absorbing toxins through the leaves and producing pure oxygen. It is an ideal bedroom plant that doesn’t require much water and can tolerate a range of light levels.


Known for its attractive foliage and the height it can grow up to, this plant becomes a focal point of a room once it matures. Find a spot in a bright room but out of direct sunlight to keep from damaging the leaves.


These evergreens are great for growing in hanging baskets or pots. Because they are inexpensive little plants, they are great starter plants for young or inexperienced growers.