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Houseplants: the perfect roommates

The ubiquitous houseplant has long been a cautious curiosity for many. Comments such as, “I don’t have a green thumb," or “I can’t keep anything alive," have echoed through the rooms and hallways of almost every dorm and home in America. Well, it's time to dispel all the mistruths about whether houseplants are beneficial and to lay the foundation for a little oasis of green happiness in the corner of every home! 

By the way, you don’t really need a green thumb as there are plenty of hard-to-kill houseplants that can survive any level of neglect! And remember not only do houseplants look pretty, they also decrease stress and anxiety, increase happiness, and bring a sense of joy and relaxation to every room.

Houseplants make us feel better about ourselves in many ways because they allow us to care for them and we reap the rewards of that love. No one is alone when you have a houseplant, as they are our forever listeners. Yes, some people actually do talk with their houseplants all day long! There are many science-based benefits to having houseplants in the home and office environment. Aside from reducing indoor air pollutants and increasing humidity in the home, house plants have been shown to reduce mental fatigue, accelerate the healing process, as well as improve productivity and focus. 

Pothos, spider plants, lady palms, yucca, and succulents are so pretty and easy to grow. It is no wonder that we have seen a revival of indoor gardening trends. Instagram is teeming with photos of incredible indoor "living green" vignettes that show us all how clever we can be when decorating with house plants! All you really need is to a pick a place in the home that has the best light and pick your plants. 

Think outside of the box when it comes to decorating with houseplants. Look for underused spaces. Use mixed and matched pots of different sizes and shapes. Turn a shelf into a plant display. Go vertical with some hanging plants or an antique ladder. You can even group some of your favorite plants together into a single large decorative pot.

Signature large plant displays anchor the most well-designed rooms in America and it’s all there for us to look at, learn from, and bring into our own home. Whether combined into a single large decorative pot or clustered together in a corner, always remember the key to any house plant décor is to have a thriller, a tall plant usually with a strong color and form; filler plants that literally will fill the pot covering all the soil; and a spiller plant that trails over the edge of the pot. Try any combination of your favorite plants or a tried and true combination of a fiddle-leaf fig, a prayer plant, and a string of pearls.

  • No matter how you look at it, houseplants improve our lives in many ways. Indoor gardens provide us an alternative way to commune with nature.
  •  In this crazy world of ours, wouldn’t be it nice to return home to your own personal indoor greenspace?