How Clayton Members Club Creates Style Through Inclusion

Esther Lee Leach of Cherry Creek Fashion Magazine Is Electrifying Cherry Creek in More Ways Than One

So much of building a community is creating a foundation of equity. At Clayton Members Club, community is the epicenter. Since May, the Cherry Creek locale has uplifted a coterie grounded in its five pillars—be curious, be fun, be authentic, be generous, be inclusive. Because of the intentionality of the space, members can show up as their full selves free of doubt and the fear of not feeling seen. 

According to the new Director of Membership Development and Engagement, Esther Lee Leach, the concept of the members club sounded exciting from the start. She knew that Cherry Creek needed a space for arts and culture events. “What really made me pay attention to Clayton was their commitment to creating an inclusive community,” she says. Esther believed in the vision so much that she became a founding member. 

To know this Caribbean native is to know her infectious enthusiasm and unmatched style, making her one of the most fashionable people in the city. It’s nothing short of serendipitous that Esther will be at the helm of galvanizing the best and brightest of Denver. We had a chance to sit down with the multi-hyphenate to talk about The Clayton, style and why September will be one to remember.

Cherry Creek Lifestyle: What do you love most about The Clayton?

Esther Lee Leach:  The community–members and Clayton associates! The membership team has created the most interesting, fascinating and diverse community here, where everyone feels welcomed. It’s the perfect environment to meet someone outside of your network. 

Cherry Creek Lifestyle: In your new role as Director of Membership Development and Engagement, how are you planning to include style and fashion in the exclusive club experience? 

Esther Lee Leach: Our members are very fashion-forward so we are planning many style events in the upcoming months. In August, Cameron Silver from Decades in LA hosted a fashion presentation in partnership with A Line Boutique. We have dubbed September the Fashion Month at Clayton and will be creating events to showcase fall trends and local designers. Two very important partnerships are with Color of Fashion and Neiman Marcus. 

Color of Fashion was created by Samantha Joseph and Alicia Myers to showcase models and designers of color. We are so proud to support their mission and will be hosting out-of-town designers at the hotel and also holding the after-party on our rooftop. With Neiman Marcus, we will be hosting a runway show and party for our members and their clients. Designer panel discussions and pop-ups are also being planned. 

Cherry Creek Lifestyle: The Clayton professes that being a member means being a part of a remarkable and intentional community helping shape the future of Denver. What does that mean to you?

Esther Lee Leach: One of the most frequent comments about the Clayton community is about the diversity. It is our most important and powerful asset. We are very intentional about creating an inclusive community where all voices and stories can be heard and celebrated. Being a member means taking part in our forward-thinking movement to create a more blended society that believes in the power of our differences.

Cherry Creek Lifestyle: When it comes to fashion in Denver and Cherry Creek specifically, how do you think Clayton will elevate the fashion scene?

Esther Lee Leach: Clayton will be a home where fashion and design talent can flourish! Every September, Clayton will join the major fashion cities like New York and Milan, and host style events during the month. Throughout the year, Clayton will be a place where fashion designers, photographers, models, and other style leaders can be celebrated for their great work. The possibilities here for fashion are endless. We are just getting started!

Cherry Creek Lifestyle: You wear many hats—one being the Editor-in-Chief of "Cherry Creek Fashion Magazine." Tell us how you think your two worlds will collide as you embark on this new journey at Clayton. 

Esther Lee Leach: My job as Editor-in-Chief of "Cherry Creek Fashion Magazine" is to build an inclusive community through fashion! At Clayton, I am doing exactly the same thing, but the gathering place is a members club instead of a magazine. I love how the two roles complement each other and our values align perfectly. 

In the next year, Esther says, “The Clayton will continue building our membership community, and the important work of being the leading cultural and social hub in Denver.”

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