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How to Be Healthy—Even When You’re Busy

KYGO Radio Host Tracy Dixon Shares Tips for a Balanced Lifestyle

Tracy Dixon is no stranger to hard work. Every weekday she rises to the sound of her alarm at 4:00 and heads to the radio station to host the KYGO morning show with Mike Fisbeck, known by listeners as Fizz. The opportunity to work at Denver's biggest country station is something Tracy would have dreamed of as a fifteen-year-old interning in radio.

Whether it's interviewing big country stars like Cole Swindell and Kelsea Ballerini or announcing concert giveaways, every day is spontaneous. Despite the fun and fame, Tracy concentrates on remaining true to who she is.

"It's sexy to say you get to meet worldwide stars at work. Many people in the industry get lost in that," Tracy muses. "That's not what drew me into radio at all. I loved the personality, entertaining people, and being a part of the community."

As someone in the public eye, work-life balance is a high priority for Tracy. You won't find much personal content or pictures of her three boys on her social media accounts. She does her best to keep conversations about work at work. Once she leaves the station, Tracy transitions her headspace from all things country music and has two precious hours to herself before her kids come home from school. She schedules her workouts (a practice she highly recommends) during that time and goes to OrangeTheory Fitness.

"OrangeTheory is my jam. The classes are always different. They provide the template, so I can shut my mind off and connect with the moment," she says. "All I have to worry about is getting better every time."

After her workout, Tracy moves into wife-and-mom mode, which, as any parent knows, entails many activities. One of her favorites is cooking for the four men in her household and transforming whole foods into delicious, healthy recipes. She translates that passion to a cooking-show-style segment at work she affectionately named 'Heel's Kitchen.'

On the weekends, the Dixons enjoy being active together. As dog owners, jeep drivers, and consistent campers, they self-identify as stereotypical Coloradans. An ideal date for Tracy and her husband consists of waking up at the crack of dawn and heading to one of Colorado's 58 fourteeners (mountains exceeding 14,000 feet in elevation). They've conquered eight peaks and are partial to Mount Bierstadt.

While the Dixon family surely knows how to work and play hard, they also know when to take the stress off and relax. A guiding principle Tracy has clung to during her health journey is to give herself grace. As a highly competitive individual, this is extremely important. When you have a goal, it's natural to be hard on yourself. However, there is tremendous value in knowing when to lighten up and loosen the reins.

Like many, Tracy learned this lesson in a new way through the COVID-19 pandemic. She's typically a stickler for her boy's grades, but during the pandemic, they shifted focus. Difficulties such as social distancing and online school led Tracy to take unnecessary pressure off the table.

"I'm like, look, we're just going to get through this," Tracy says. "[The pandemic] made us more in tune as a family and helped us recognize triggers in one another."

Knowing when to give yourself grace is a critical component of mental health and one that an increasing number of Americans should lean into. In July of 2022, the CDC reported that 28.8% of Americans reported symptoms of anxiety disorder; for young adults 18–29 years of age, it's a distressing 42.9%.

Everybody faces a sliding scale of pressures, and knowing what battles to fight can help you maintain your peace. In Tracy's industry, the pressure for women to be thin and beautiful—but not too thin and beautiful—is paramount.

"Women in any kind of entertainment business are never supposed to age. If you're too perfect, you're obsessed with your looks, but if you're not perfect enough, you'll still be judged," Tracy explains. "So, I have trained myself to shut all those expectations off and be who I am."

This philosophy informs which advertisers Tracy chooses to partner with and which ones she politely declines. She dives into their business plan and makes a point not to endorse companies with a brand strategy that patterns "You are [insert negative adjective], but if you try our product, you will become [insert positive adjective]."

So, if you are still considering your New Year's resolutions, make sure you're changing for the right reasons.

"Don't do it because you want an easy fix or see an advertisement for a diet plan," Tracy encourages. "Make the change because you are so incredibly worth it."

To listen to Tracy and Fizz’s morning show and “Wake the Fun Up,” tune your radio to 98.5 KYGO on weekdays from 6:00 am to 10:00 am.

"OrangeTheory is my jam. The classes are always different. They provide the template, so I can shut my mind off and connect with the moment." —Tracy Dixon