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The Illumination PR Team // Photo by Anthony Serrantonio

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How Investing In Business Transforms Brands

Illumination PR Owner Suggests How To Capture Attention, Make Lasting Impressions And Grow Company

"A good reputation not only helps attract attention but also inspires trust in potential customers," says Robyn Bordes, owner of Illumination PR, a trailblazing public relations and digital marketing firm whose New York-based professionals specialize in lifestyle, beauty, health care and health/wellness sectors, including clients in the St. Louis region.

Brand reputation is the public perception of a brand or company based on its history, customer service and public presence. Robyn says it’s an important factor in the success of any business, as it yields insight into the quality and reliability of products or services that may affect consumer purchase decisions.

"When customers trust your brand, they're more likely to make a purchase or become loyal customers who support your business for years," she adds.

Robyn says her firm has a 95% client retention rate. "We attribute that to consistent client satisfaction, combined with our entire staff's work ethic. If you have a good experience with a business, you may share that with two to three people; if you have a negative experience, you may share with 10 people. Maintaining client trust and confidence contributes to market position and reputation in a competitive market."

Understanding an industry's demographics and price points are some of the other essential factors when investing resources in a company, Robyn asserts. 

Regarding business development, she says, "It's important to diversify and choose multiple channels within your target market, using different campaign strategies and graphics, and then reviewing the ROI that each channel produced to then target."

Additionally, social media channels can spread awareness and capture attention within a specified demographic by using hashtags, understanding algorithms and trending captions.

"The landscape of business is ever-changing and constantly evolving. It's important to easily adapt to adjusting strategies to seize opportunities," Robyn encourages. 

"Understanding your target market and identifying those most interested in your offerings helps businesses prioritize strategies and marketing campaigns. ~Robyn Bordes, Illumination PR //

  • The Illumination PR Team // Photo by Anthony Serrantonio
  • Robyn Bordes, owner of Illumination PR
  • Illuminatyion PR Team. Photo by Anthony Serrantonio