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Article by Hayley Hyer

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One major benefit of having all of this time at home is getting to try things you don't normally do. If you've always wanted to learn how to contour but didn't want to risk messing up your foundation right before you had to head out for happy hour, now you can sit in front of the mirror and take your time. Try our these contour tutorials with no judgment and see where it takes you.

How to Contour and Highlight for Your Face Shape

"The whole point of contouring is to enhance or change the shape of your face with makeup, but its effects don't have to be all that drastic. 'From 2012 to 2018, contouring based on your face shape was seemingly very important,' says LA-based makeup artist Jenna Nicole. But now, she says, 'Less is more, and we’re embracing natural, dewy skin. The old contour and highlighting trends were about changing your whole face to look a certain way, but now it’s about embracing your natural shape and giving yourself realistic-looking depth and dimension.'"

—Brooke Shunatona, Cosmopolitan

How To Finally Master Contouring In 4 Easy Steps

"While resident makeup mother Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen, also known as Miss Fame, is an expert in extreme contouring—just check out his YouTube page—we don't want witness protection-level transformation; we just want a subtly more sculpted face.

Here, Dam-Mikkelsen does away with the gratuitous steps to give us the most minimal guide to contouring. Thanks to Miss Fame, a more angular face is now actually easy to achieve."

—Julie Schott, Elle

How to Contour and Highlight Your Face With Makeup

"Old-school contouring — the technique of using shading to enhance and define facial features — used to mean layers upon layers (upon layers) of dark, dramatic makeup, harsh angles, and pretty much everything worn by the cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Erase those images from your mind (if you can). The 21st-century version is all about enhancing cheekbones, shaping your face, and tricking the eye in a believable way. Simply put: 'It's no longer about carving a line into your cheek,' says makeup artist Ashleigh Ciucci."

—Stephanie Saltzman + Alyssa Kosky Hertzig, Allure

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