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How To Create the Perfect Charcuterie Board

a fun and easy choice for an appetizer

Charcuterie Boards have become very popular for baby and wedding showers, office parties, holiday parties, graduation parties, or really any special occasion. As we go into the summer season, they are also the perfect addition to a picnic whether it’s a date night or family get-together. They are also great to take to your local winery to pair with your favorite wine.

Chasity, the owner of Meats and Treats Charcuterie, says when creating your board make sure they are full and don’t leave any open spaces. She doesn’t like to limit her boards to only meats and cheeses but loves creating dessert and brunch boards as well! She says to keep it clean so people can actually see everything on the board available to eat, choosing a variety of meats, cheeses, and crackers with different textures. Balancing out color and different varieties of food really brings it to life and are the secrets to making them look so beautiful.

For a basic charcuterie board, start with the size board you want, a cutting board or fancy cheese board will do. Add two to four types of cured meats and position them around the board. Then add a variety of cheeses, consider some with some heat and some that are soft, and place them around the board near the meats. fill in some areas with different types of fresh fruit and dried fruit. Next layer some types of bread and crackers. Last, fill in the empty spaces with some different types of nuts and a dish of some jelly or honey for dipping. 

If creating a fancy board for an event seems too overwhelming don't hesitate to bring in the professionals. Meats and Treats Charcuterie is available to take this off your plate.