Holiday Season Serenity: Stress-Relief Strategies for the Holidays

The Burrow, Vively Body Science, and Bella on the Bay share how you can destress, relax, and actually enjoy the holiday season

As we near the holidays, common stressors will arise for the whole family. From anxiety about finishing the first semester of school to stress about buying the perfect present, everyone deserves an opportunity to relax. And The Burrow in Victoria, a community gathering space and gaming den for all ages, is the perfect place for the whole family to destress.

“We are a very family-friendly environment both for kids to destress playing arcades and parents to destress, whether it’s throwing an axe, playing mini-golf, or having a cocktail with selections from our newly-updated menu,” says Thomas Wartman, owner of The Burrow.

Open since the Fall of 2018, The Burrow boasts a 17-hole mini-golf course, 10 axe throwing lanes, a plethora of arcade games, and an enhanced food and drink menu.

The mini-golf course is the perfect getaway in the heart of winter. It features a summer park setting with birch and pine trees, flowering plants, and a river rock landscape – something you’ll unlikely find in December in Minnesota.

When finding ways to destress, the axe-throwing lanes speak for themselves. Letting out some pent-up frustration by safely throwing an axe is the epitome of an anxiety-reducing activity.

And the arcades are great for kids and adults to let off some steam. Games such as Down the Clown, Nitro Truck Drivers, Pac-Man Battle Royale, and virtual reality games allow all ages to experience a little fun during the stressful holiday season.

The Burrow also offers 32 rotating beers on tap, hand-crafted cocktails, fan-favorite burgers, pizza, and Bingo on Wednesday nights and starting in January Saturday Bingo noon to 2pm as well.

So before the holiday stress becomes too much, head to The Burrow. The whole family will thank you.

The power of physical touch

When you find yourself stressed out, what helps you relax? For me, it’s getting a massage, but Bella on the Bay proves that massages are just one of the many ways to alleviate stress during the holidays.

Located in an old Victorian house in Excelsior, Bella on the Bay is a boutique spa and salon that offers everything from massages and lash services to hair, skin, and nail care. The calm and inviting atmosphere makes for the perfect place to destress.

“It is proven that physical touch increases levels of dopamine and serotonin that help to regulate your mood and relieve stress and anxiety,” says Missi Davis, owner of Bella on the Bay. “Physical touch is a very big part of our industry, from the scalp massage at the shampoo bowl to the foot massage during a pedicure; even a simple brow wax can help alleviate stress.”

Split between levels of the house, the spa and salon both boast a welcoming environment, but each has its own perks to help you relax.

The Bella on the Bay spa features heated beds, calm music, and an overall cozy atmosphere perfect for anyone who needs an opportunity to relax in silence.

The salon is more upbeat but offers an equally relaxing environment perfect for someone whose preferred way of destressing is a new look. After all, when you look good, you feel good!

It can be easy to forget that we, too, need to take a moment for ourselves during the holidays. “Stress is an energy that can be felt by others. If you are stressed during the holidays, you will not enjoy it as much, and neither will those around you,” Missi says.

Taking the stress out of feeling your best

When considering ways to relax amidst the holiday season, it’s common to consider immediate activities that will reduce anxiety and stress. But it’s also important to consider long-term ways to keep your stress down. Vively Body Science in Wayzata is ready to help you develop the right self-care regimen for you.

Vively, a physician-owned medical spa, offers a wide range of personalized services intended to target specific concerns and get the results you’re after. From injectables and facials to body contouring and IV drips, Vively will help you become your most confident self and ultimately lead to reduced stress levels.

While many of their services have a pampering component, much of what Vively offers is intended to help you feel your healthiest and achieve goals over time.

“Sometimes it’s not the actual service, but the after-effects that getting a service has on your mood that result in reduced stress levels,” says Josh Martini, physician and co-founder of Vively.

And Vively isn’t just for adults looking to make a change. An array of services are sculpted for teens and young adults dealing with their own stressors. Many of the Vively staff are parents themselves and understand how important a calm, welcoming, and educational space is for teens who may be experiencing more-than-normal stress levels.

With a hands-on approach and in-depth consultations, Vively takes the stress out of choosing the right service. Their qualified professionals know how to guide you down the right path to making you feel your best at all times, especially around the holidays when you may be visiting a lot of family.

So, the next time you find yourself feeling down, consider scheduling a stress-free consultation at Vively. And if nothing else, their medical-grade skin care products make for fantastic gifts!

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