How to Do Your Own Taxes


Article by Hayley Hyer

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With so many online resources, it's easier than ever to file your own taxes. Save yourself some money and make this the year you really learn how to do it. You'll feel so accomplished knowing you can take care of that yourself for the rest of the years to come!

Tips to Make Your Taxes Less Painful This Year

"You can learn a lot about how the IRS tax code affects you and make good decisions to positively influence your return. Remember, knowledge is power. Pay keen attention throughout the process and you may be able to save in ways you haven’t in the past. After all, you know yourself and your lifestyle better than any tax preparer."

—Laura Malm, Credit Karma

Myths About Doing Your Own Taxes

"If you've never filed your own taxes, you might be scared off by all the mystery and complexity that seemingly surrounds the process. However, like many things in life, once you've filed your own taxes once, a lot of the drama vanishes. While a professional tax adviser may help in certain situations, in many cases taxes can be relatively simple. Hiring a professional may not have the effect you think in terms of audit protection or liability."


How to Do Your Own Taxes in 2020

"As you take control of your finances, doing your own taxes can feel like a natural next step. You are spending time improving your financial literacy, cleaning up any debt, or building your savings. That part of your personal finance journey is likely more difficult that filing your taxes will be. Since you’ve been able to tackle other areas of your personal finances with grace, and you are more in tune with your financial picture, tax time shouldn’t be overwhelming."

—Clever Girl Finance

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