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How to Have Your Healthiest Hair


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

There are so many elements that go into our hair health. You may be doing a wonderful job keeping up with conditioning masks and hair oils, but if you feel like your hair isn't reaching it's full potential, it's time to take inventory of the other components. Here is your ultimate guide to having healthy hair.

Pillowcases, Towels + Brushes for Shine

We all want the shiny hair that we see in shampoo commercials, right? Aside from the regular healthy steps you take for your hair—taking your B vitamins, getting regular trims (or doing it yourself!) and avoiding hot tools as much as possible, you can also take a look at your other daily habits. What you choose to sleep on, dry your hair with and brush your hair with matter! Here is all the info you need to get shiny, strong hair.

+ Bedding + Towels for Healthy Hair

+ Why You Should Be Using a Round Brush

+ Hairbrush Guide 101: Which Hairbrush to Use When

Holistic + Organic Hair Care

Hair health is all about consistency. Sure, rescuing masks are great in an emergency such as after coloring your hair or when you've had to use a little too much heat when styling lately. But for the strong, shiny hair you want, you'll need to take a holistic approach and craft a hair care routine free of toxins and harsh chemicals. And don't forget how important your diet is! How you take care of your insides is directly reflected in your outer appearance, so for healthy hair, start with a healthy you.

+ Start an All-Natural Hair Care Routine

+ 24 Organic + Clean Hair Products

+ What Foods to Eat for Healthy Hair

What to Do When Everyone Needs a Haircut

So you've reached the point where everyone in your family is due for a haircut? Don't panic! With some quick studying and professional advice, you can learn how to cut everyone's hair, including your own.

+ How to Cut Your Own Hair + Not Mess Up

+ How to Cut Your Kid's Hair

+ How to Cut Your Husband's Hair

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