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Home Maintenance Checklist

Time to Prepare for Another Oklahoma Summer

Ahhhh, spring. Time for regeneration, recovering from winter storms and preparing for Oklahoma’s next weather curveball. Previous years brought us record-breaking temperatures and devastating ice storms. Don’t let Oklahoma weather sneak up on you; start preparing now!

Heating and Cooling

Did you know that 85% of HVAC repairs could have been prevented by regular maintenance?

  • Change your filters! Dirty HVAC filters will impact your air quality and make your AC work harder than it needs to as temperatures rise. Learn more about filter types by visiting us on YouTube: @Normanair
  • Schedule maintenance for your AC unit to keep it running efficiently through the next heat advisory. Your technician will thoroughly clean the unit and perform an 18-point inspection. Does your system have a warranty? Annual maintenance by a licensed professional is often required to maintain your warranty! You paid for that warranty—don’t lose it over lack of maintenance!
  • Clear debris away from your home. Clean gutters and pull leaves or debris away from your AC unit and your home. Keeping debris away prevents water damage to your home, maintains adequate airflow around your AC unit, and discourages pests (termites, etc.)

Plumbing/water damage:

  • Schedule a plumbing inspection. During the inspection, an experienced plumber should visually assess your plumbing to look for leaks and proper drainage and check your water heater condition. If a problem is suspected, expect a quality plumber to suggest looking down the line with a camera to check the condition of your plumbing. Summer is the prime time for tree roots to invade sewage lines and other plumbing, causing leaks and clogging drains. The damage will worsen as tree roots grow.
  • Look for signs of slow leaks and water damage. Oklahoma’s unpredictable weather wreaks havoc on plumbing and your home’s exterior. Often, slow leaks and water damage can develop as temperatures shift. A plumbing inspection will examine common weak points, but always be aware of any changes in wall or ceiling coloration or texture, or signs of mold. It is wise to examine the exterior of your home as well. Look for cracks in the brickwork, missing siding, missing shingles, etc.


  • Prep for storm season: Tired of losing electricity every time the wind blows? Estimates to install a whole-home generator are free with reputable electricians. We carry Honeywell Generators, which turn on immediately when power is lost and keep your home running smoothly and safely until power returns.
  • Declutter your electrical outlets. According to the Consumer Protection Safety Commission, overburdened outlets cause over 3,000 electrical fires yearly in U.S. homes. If you need more outlets, an experienced electrician can install outlets to safely spread out the electrical load.
  • Schedule an electrical inspection. According to the National Fire Prevention Association ( over 46,700 electrical fires are attributed to malfunctioning wiring annually. Wiring ages like the rest of your home. Periodically schedule whole-home electrical inspections to catch problems early and keep your family safe.

Is your spring to-do list growing? We have you covered! Join Norman Air’s Comfort Club and never worry about your HVAC, plumbing or electrical maintenance again. Members enjoy discounts on repairs, two HVAC tune-ups per year as well as annual plumbing and electrical inspections, plus other perks!

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