How to Keep Your Skin Safe While Masking


Article by Hayley Hyer

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Face masking is addictive! It feels so good to spread the cooling, good-smelling mask across your face and know that there is absolutely nothing else required of you for the next 10-30 minutes. Anyone else leave their masks on a little too long sometimes to try to enjoy it just a few more minutes, or am I the only one?

Either way, we do face masks to feel good and to have healthy skin, right? So we want to make sure we're only putting the safest ingredients on our precious pores. Here's a guide to ingredients to avoid plus some recommended brands of sheet masks, cream masks, and clay masks that are trusted for using non-toxic and safe ingredients.

3 Face Mask Ingredients to Avoid

I used to have a huge collection of face masks that were either impulse buys or gift from friends. One day, I decided to go through my stash and sort through which ones were actually safe for my skin and worth keeping. I was shocked how many were full of harmful ingredients! Now I'm careful about reading labels when I see a cute mask with clever packaging that's drawing me in. And if someone gives me a face mask as a gift that I don't feel good about, I just throw it away. It's not worth it to give someone else the harmful ingredients by passing it on.

Sheet Masks with Safe Ingredients

We all want that magic fix for our skin, and sheet masks promise to do a lot quickly. However, that doesn't mean all face masks are safe or good for us. There are three major ingredients to avoid that many cheap skin care brands use, one being steroids. They give you immediate results, so you feel good about your skin. But your skin can quickly become dependent on the steroids and have much bigger problems down the road. Here are some skin care brands you can trust that make their products free of steroids and other harmful ingredients. 

Cream + Clay Face Masks That Are Safe

At-home facials are the best. You can get all cozy in your pajamas and turn on a rom com, or you can play soothing music while relaxing in the tub. You get to dictate the atmosphere and make it exactly what you want.

You also get to dictate the ingredients you choose to put on your skin. When you buy your own face masks, it's important to read the labels carefully and check for any ingredients that will do more harm than good. You don't want to go through your whole self-care ritual just to irritate your skin more with alcohol and fragrances!

Here are some skin care brands that use safe ingredients, so you can fully relax during your home spa experience.

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