New Year's Goals

How to Make Your New Year’s Goals Stick

The New Year offers us a blank slate, a sense of renewed hope and fresh possibilities. This time of year inspires us to reflect upon our goals and intentions, both big and small. Yet, as the year progresses, the challenge is not in setting goals; it’s in sticking to them when the inertia of everyday life pulls us off track. How can we make this year different? How do we actually stick to those ambitions we scribbled down in January?

Let’s dive into transforming our New Year's aspirations into accomplishments.

Specificity is Key

Break down big goals into specific actions. For example, if your goal is to improve your health, you might commit to going to bed 30 minutes earlier than your current bedtime, walking 5,000 steps a day, and limiting alcohol to once a week. Specificity turns hopes into plans, and clarity ignites action.


Visualize the Outcome

Michael Phelps, the highly decorated Olympic swimmer, extensively used positive visualization as part of his training regimen, picturing himself swimming the perfect race and standing on the podium, hearing the national anthem playing in the background.

Envisioning our goals with vivid clarity anchors our determination. Visualization acts as a guiding compass, aligning thoughts, intentions, and actions toward a specific target. It aids in overcoming obstacles by mentally preparing us for challenges. Ultimately, visualization creates an inner framework that steers us closer to our goals, making the journey toward success more deliberate and purposeful.

Incremental Progress

Never underestimate the strength of incremental progress. Life-changing habits aren’t built in a day. Instead of trying to massively overhaul your life all at once, break goals into measurable, bite-sized chunks. If your goal is to organize your home, start with one drawer. Small, consistent steps gradually pave the way to bigger accomplishments. Celebrate those small wins—they keep you moving forward, one step at a time.

Embrace community

Surround yourself with people who are aligned with your values and goals. As you pursue your goals, lean on your community, those folks who cheer you on when you’re making progress towards your goals and pick you up when you stumble. Connecting with fellow learners or practitioners, either in-person or online, can amplify your journey towards a new skill. 

Keep your goals top of mind

Now, onto the art of nudges. Reminders keep your goals front and center. Whether you keep an encouraging sticky note on your computer, set an alarm on your phone, or repeat a daily mantra, reminders reignite your commitment to your goals.

Find joy in the journey

The magic of accomplishing a goal isn’t just in the finish line; it’s in relishing the journey itself. Seek to find joy in the process that leads you closer to your goal. Embrace the rhythm of waking up early for a workout, the fun of experimenting with new recipes, or the joy of learning a new skill. That’s where the real transformation happens. When your goals feel less like chores and more like adventures, you’re more likely to keep pursuing them.

As we enter into 2024 with fresh hope and optimism, let’s not just set goals; let’s stick with them. Let’s visualize our aspirations in vivid detail, break them down into specific, incremental steps, rally with our community, keep our goals top of mind, and above all, infuse joy into our pursuit. Remember that our goals are not mere destinations but the rhythm that propels us forward into the infinite possibilities that await.

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