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How to Pick a Toner for Your Hair


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

I love a good toner. It can bring brassy tones back to cool or add some lovely golden hues to make the sun shine brightly off your hair. No matter what your current hair color is, there's a toner that can give you the pep in your step that you've been missing.

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Toner for Blonde or Brunette Highlights

Madison Reed LightWorks Toning Glaze

"Tones color, reduces brassiness, and improves the overall condition of highlighted hair (all without interfering with your base color)."

Sun Bum Lighten + Tone Kit

"Lighten up all year round with our Lighten + Tone products, perfect for bringing out your blonde side or adding a few sun-kissed highlights. "

Toner for All-Over Color in Natural Shades

oVertone Toning Conditioner

"Four new Toning Conditioners allow you to wash away brass in your blonde hair or color-correct any shade, right from your shower."
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dpHUE Semi-Permanent Hair Color and Deep Conditioner

"Use this innovative formula when color is lacking shine and vitality, when it has started to fade, or when highlights need to be toned. Available in 11 shades, it is intended to enhance and deepen your current hair color, not to create dramatic hair color changes."

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