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How to Pick the Perfect Paint Color


Article by Andi Telker

Photography by Andi Telker

Imagine sitting in your living room, dreaming of that renovation you can’t wait to tackle. Your mind is racing with all the possibilities. You decide to toy with the idea of a new paint color. Simple and cheap enough. But that’s as far as it goes. Just a daydream. 

That daydream immediately becomes an anxiety attack when you think of taking your two toddlers to the hardware store. You’re supposed to focus long enough in the paint section to pick out a few swatches. I mean, how do people actually accomplish that? They can’t be human. Not to mention, those swatches are barely big enough to be seen from a few feet back.

You quickly put that now-overwhelming-thought on the back burner and find something else to focus on. 

What if you could search for paint colors online, in the comfort of your own home? All while lounging in your pajamas, sipping your coffee and yelling at your kids to JUST GET ALONG.

Two of the best tools I’ve found are Sherwin Williams Color Snap, and simply searching hashtags on Instagram. Using these tools, you can see your space or someone else’s space with different color selections.

Once you have your colors narrowed down, you can leave the kids with your significant other to pick up a few paint samples. Don’t forget to test each sample on all the walls in the space. Light hits each wall differently. So make sure to test from every angle!

Happy Painting!   


Click here to use Sherwin Williams Color Snap

How to search paint colors on Instagram: