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How to Read More Books

Five Simple Tips

Reading more books is a goal I set for myself this year. I have a habit of playing on my phone before bed, so I decided to start reading 10 pages a night.  Here are five simple tips that have helped me with this goal!

Read Books that Help You Improve on Something

I am currently reading Can I Have Your Attention? It focuses on how to get things done in a constantly connected society. Whether you work in an office, or for yourself this is a must-read. Next on my list is The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self Discovery. If you're not familiar with the Enneagram, it is a personality typing system that consists of nine different types. 

Read for Fun

I haven't actually read the Crazy Rich Asians books yet (despite what these pictures might imply), but everyone keeps telling me they are a must-read! I haven't seen the movie yet either, but aren't books always better anyways? 

Join a Book Club

I recently joined one with some girlfriends, and there's a fun sense of community around what we pick each month! We are currently reading The Silent Patient, a psychological thriller.  

Listen to Books

An Audible subscription is $15 a month, but you can try your first book for free! Also, if you know someone with a subscription, they can send a book to you, and you can listen to it for free if you haven't received a book from anyone yet.  

Brush up on Your Parenting Skills

Choose a parenting book that helps you deal with the various phases of childhood. Raising Worry-Free Girls: Helping Your Daughter Feel Braver, Stronger, Smarter in an Anxious World is the first one on my list!

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