How to Refresh your Home this Spring on a Budget

MTSU professor gives tips on sprucing up home without breaking bank

Spring is in the air and it’s the time inspiration strikes to take home improvement projects to the next level – from hanging flower pots on the porch to new coats of paint; it all has to be done! But when the spring inspiration bug bites, it’s sting often means money, money, money. 

Update your artwork

A non-permanent way to freshen up your home is changing out your artwork. 

“You could have a family portrait or something up that’s really important at the holidays, but if you can change it out during the springtime and make it something like a garden scene or something in nature, you really change the character of that space for the season,” explained Middle Tennessee State University associate professor of interior design Dr. Janis Brickey. 

Window treatments 

New curtains, blinds or window treatments can also easily transform a space. 

“One of the things you can cheaply add is using a tension rod or casements to a window that allow light to filter. The addition of casements, which you can get for starting around $10, is a very inexpensive way you can modulate light and it brightens up a space, or adds light reflectance to darker colors,” said Brickey.  


Plants. They may seem like a small thing, but they can make a huge difference in your home. They are an easy way to spruce up your space using a biophilic design.

“Having plants helps bring some of the elements of the outside in and adds greenery. I think that makes it more of a continuous relationship between the interior and the exterior.” 

Throw pillows 

Throw pillows are a fun, inexpensive accessory to brighten up a living space, bedroom, family room or playroom. 

“If you can switch out the slipcovers from your pillows, you know really adding that punch of color or a pattern, it can really brighten the space up,” Brickey said.  

Set cleaning schedule 

Having a set cleaning schedule in place can make all the difference, especially when you just want to be outside enjoying the sunshine. 

“One of the things that can reduce your stress is having a normal cleaning schedule like from the standpoint of it’s something you just do. I think it’s a way you can enjoy your environment more because there’s nothing worse than being stuck inside when everyone else is outside,” Brickey suggested. 

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