How to Upgrade Your Wellness Routine

Four simple daily steps to improve your wellness

Four Tips to upgrade your wellness routine. 

In the last year we all experienced huge changes and shifts to our lifestyles. Now that we are back to some sense of normalcy, here are four great ways to upgrade your daily wellness practice. 

The first place to start is by loving your body where it is right now. I spent a month taking photos every morning right after I woke up. I think my intuition was trying to get me to honor my body first thing every morning. The weird thing is that simple quick action really did help me to see my body as beautiful and feminine. I was surprised. It is very easy for us to become disconnected from our bodies, but here we are, they are the suits we wear daily. It feels amazing to love it and be present with it and appreciate it positively for even just two moments a day. I dare you to give it a try. Just spend some time looking in the mirror and thinking 5 positive things about your body, and watch your self image change. 

You might hate exercise, but maybe that is because you haven’t found the right kind of movement for your body, mind, and soul. My upgrade advice here is to move for at least ten minutes a day. Almost everyone can go for a ten minute walk. If you are sitting all day at your job, I highly recommend rocking your pelvis forward and back a few times a day as the spine really needs movement to stay healthy. I started a 20 minute yoga practice daily in my home using youtube videos. If you start small with movement it is easy to have developed a daily practice all of the sudden. Finding movement that brings you joy for ten minutes everyday is better for your body than an hour here and there a week. How easy is that? 10 minutes a day. 

Hydration as we know is a huge key to wellness. Summer is a great time to reconnect with your hydration habits. If you are not really into drinking water, try eating as many hydrating foods as possible like raw fruits and vegetables. Or adding fresh fruits and herbs to your water to make it more enjoyable for you. Even though soda, coffee, and juices have water content, the amount of sugar, caffeine, and other additives they often have are counterproductive to the hydration of the body. Healthy, hydrated tissue heals faster, moves with fluidity, and keeps you young and clean. Everyday when you wake up drink a glass of water to get your system hydrated and keep going from there. 

Another thing I started doing recently is making a daily practice of talking to the cells in my body. Cells are often referred to as “ the building blocks of life”. Every morning before I get out of bed, I place a hand on my heart and a hand on my lower belly and I send love, creativity, wellness, and abundance to my cells. It makes a huge impact on how I feel daily. You can say whatever loving words to your cells that resonate for you. They are the tiny, tangible life forces pumping in my body from head to toe. I imagine it to be non-negotiable to have a few loving daily moments with those life forces each day. Since starting this practice, I have felt more free, loving , empowered and embodied than ever before.

Can it really be this easy to be healthy? YES! It can and it is! Start practicing these steps and then watch your life change for the better in incredible ways. Please know that you are worth it and loved and these are some ways to really embody that in yourself. Like Lizzo says “ If I’m shining, everybody gunna shine”.

Amelia Mouton Integrative wellness coach, Rolfer, and personal chef. Instagram: almrolfing 

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