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A Sit-Down with Greenwich Medical Spa Founder, Marria Pooya

In a world driven by aesthetics and a desire to look and feel one's best, Greenwich Medical Spa has emerged as a beacon of innovation and excellence. Founded on the principles of deeply personalized care, this renowned establishment has redefined non-surgical facial and body contouring treatments, consistently delivering results that align with their clients' aspirations.

The spa's remarkable success, however, is not solely attributed to its cutting-edge treatments but also to the compassionate vision of its founder, Marria Pooya. In this exclusive interview, we delve into Marria's humble beginnings and her commitment to giving back and empowering women, shedding light on the heartwarming journey behind Greenwich Medical Spa's rise to the top 1% of medical spas nationwide.

CL: Can you share with us your early life experiences?

During my formative years, I often felt like I led a dual existence — one at school and another at home. I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, and my family and I relocated to the United States when I was nine years old. My upbringing was characterized by the strict upbringing my mother enforced; it denied me the freedoms that many American girls my age enjoyed. I couldn't socialize with American friends, go to the movies, or participate in after-school activities. This situation compelled me to embrace a more traditional Afghan role at home while attempting to assimilate when I was at school. It was an incredibly challenging experience, but it ultimately shaped me into a stronger individual.

CL: Could you share with us the most significant lesson you acquired during your upbringing? 

One profound realization I had was that labels are essentially meaningless. Coming from my particular background and being a girl, I encountered differential treatment throughout my early years. I was frequently told that I couldn't pursue certain endeavors simply because of my gender. I often heard criticisms about being too loud or asking too many questions. As a result, I had to continuously advocate for myself to attain my goals in the face of such gender-based obstacles. In addition to this, I learned the timeless value of treating others with the same respect and kindness I wished to receive.

CL: Can you describe some of the positions you occupied during your early career?

Following my college years, I served as a financial analyst for a Wall Street investment bank. Additionally, I held the role of Director of Product Development and Marketing for a color cosmetic line, where I played a pivotal role in the development, branding, and successful national and international launch of two distinct lines of color cosmetics.

CL: What was the inspiration behind your decision to establish a Medical Spa? 

With our second child on the way, I came to the realization that I needed to decide what my next professional endeavor would be. This led me to explore various business opportunities, and my passion for the beauty industry, which I had previously covered as an analyst on Wall Street, prompted me to delve deeper. I decided to enter the Medspa industry after researching it online. This resulted in the creation of Greenwich Medical Spa.

CL: What were some of the challenges you faced during the initial years of your entrepreneurial journey? 

One of the prominent obstacles was the need to educate the market about the concept of a "med spa." 18 years ago, these establishments weren't as commonplace as they are today. We had the unique task of conveying to potential clients that we weren't merely a spa but rather a medical practice nestled within a spa-like ambiance. It was not uncommon for people to inquire about massages, assuming that was our primary service.

CL: Could you share more about your collaboration with Girls with Impact (GWI)? 

At Greenwich Medical Spa (GMS), our enduring mission has been to champion and empower women, enabling them to cultivate strength and independence in every facet of their lives. This commitment has led us to form a partnership with GWI, a remarkable non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of young girls through entrepreneurship and leadership training.

Throughout this year, we've actively contributed to GWI's cause by raising funds for five scholarships. These scholarships have played a pivotal role in shaping the futures of young women like Shain, who successfully graduated this year, and Amhya, who recently embarked on her journey within the program. 

CL: What kind of impact are you striving to create, and why is this so significant to you? 

My personal mission revolves around effecting change within three crucial domains: our employees, our patients, and the communities we serve.

Employees: I take immense pride in the fact that almost all our staff, with the exception of our two medical directors, are women. It's deeply important to me to empower our employees to attain financial independence and seize control of their destinies. 

Patients: At GMS, we wield a profound influence on our patients every day, beginning the moment they step through our doors. From the outset of their visit to the moment they leave our premises, we nurture feelings of self-assuredness and confidence. In doing so, we make a tangible impact on their lives.

Community: In the larger context, it's a part of GMS's ethos to offer opportunities to women and minorities who might otherwise lack access to them. We remain committed to supporting local charities and women's organizations that align with our overarching mission, allowing us to continue making a significant impact within our communities. One of our key objectives in the coming three years is to establish a GMS Scholarship program, designed to assist younger women in realizing their educational aspirations. This initiative represents our steadfast dedication to fostering opportunities and creating a lasting, positive impact.

CL: Why did you choose Ridgefield as one of your locations?

Throughout our expansion, we carefully selected Ridgefield as one of our locations with one key factor in mind — the community. Ridgefield, with its rich history and charm, perfectly aligns with our commitment to providing a top-tier experience for our clients. The vibrant community and its residents who appreciate the value of personalized care is what made the decision easy. We were drawn to the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Ridgefield, knowing that it would be the perfect setting for our spa to thrive.

CL: What do you like about being a part of the Ridgefield Business Community? 

Being a part of the Ridgefield Business Community is a true privilege for us at Greenwich Medical Spa. We are grateful to be surrounded by a community of passionate professionals who share our dedication to excellence and personalized care. What we love best about being a part of the Ridgefield Business Community is the sense of camaraderie and support that permeates the area. We have formed strong relationships with local business owners who understand the importance of collaboration and lifting one another up. The atmosphere of mutual support fosters an environment of growth and success, not just for us, but for all businesses in the area. We love being a part of the vibrant business landscape in Ridgefield and are honored to contribute to the overall growth and success of this wonderful community.

The journey of Greenwich Medical Spa is not just about providing exceptional cosmetic services; it's about a profound commitment to empowerment and impact. From our employees, predominantly women, to our valued patients, and the communities we serve, our mission is woven with threads of change, self-assurance, and the pursuit of choices. As we strive to make a difference in the lives of those we touch, whether by nurturing professional growth, fostering self-confidence, or championing educational dreams, we remain dedicated to the idea that empowerment transcends the boundaries of our spa. Our ultimate goal is to leave a lasting legacy of positive transformation, not only in the beauty we enhance but in the lives we enrich.

"Throughout our expansion, we carefully selected Ridgefield as one of our locations with one key factor in mind — the community.  Ridgefield, with its rich history and charm, perfectly aligns with our commitment to providing a top-tier experience for our clients. The vibrant community and its residents who appreciate the value of personalized care is what made the decision easy."

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