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Beyond Yoga Set and Midi Socks

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Hustle & Heart

Exploring Athleisure with Jenny Colangelo

Nestled right near the train tracks, Hustle & Heart packs a mighty punch when it comes to the greatest athleisure finds on the market. Owner Jenny Colangelo has curated quite the collection of athleisure brands like Beyond Yoga, Splits59, Varley, Vuori, and many more, and as the casual-cute style becomes more popular than ever, she’s selling some of the hottest items of the season. 

Despite the specificity of the athleisure subset of fashion, Hustle & Heart sells an astonishing array of items. You can find just about everything here– classic sweatshirts, trendy hats, quirky skorts, stylish jumpsuits, and even jewelry to add a touch of sophistication to a daily wear outfit. With departments for both men and women so that everyone can get in on the action, when there’s an activewear piece you have your eye on, Hustle & Heart has open doors and an inventory where you’re sure to find something special.

Whether you really did just come from the gym or you reached for leggings mostly for comfort and style, the athleisure trend is far too appealing to be going out of fashion anytime soon. The sporty look is truly here to stay, and it seems that Jenny Colangelo has found her niche providing Northwest Bergen shoppers with exquisite pieces of workout-wear. Since nothing says cozy fall vibes like the combination of a soft, buttery legging and an oversized sweater, we sat down with Jenny to gain some insight on the latest trends in athleisure that she is seeing in the fashion world right now. Her thoughts on the best casual and chic looks for the upcoming cool weather are sure to fit right into your own wardrobe.

Q: Athleisure has become more and more popular over the last few years. Once, you’d never think of leaving the house in gym clothes, but now, no one bats an eye, and comfortable sporty looks are one of the first things people reach for when they have somewhere to be. How do you think athleisure brands have responded to this increase in demand? 

A: Athleisure brands have started making a wider array of options. It’s not just leggings and a t-shirt anymore—brands design with lifestyle in mind. We see a lot of matching sets you can feel good in beyond the gym doors. Beyond Yoga does a great job of offering a large selection of colors, designs, and fits for all body types. Plus, they are the softest material on the market. I’m talking buttery smooth. The high-waisted spacedye leggings are tried-and-true.  

Q: These days, trends and microtrends are constantly evolving and changing. There’s always a hot new must-have item that everyone has their eye on, be it a viral pair of sneakers or a colorful workout dress. What do you think is the biggest trend in athleisure and workout-wear right now? 

A: I am constantly re-ordering the Splits59 stripe leggings—they come in various color options, but the classic black legging with a white stripe is definitely a fan favorite. There’s just something so fun about a stripe! Also, matching sets are super trendy right now. Women can play with fun colors or go for the neutrals—either way, I think they lend to a well-put-together look.  

Q: Tell us what the fall must-haves are this season! Which items stand out from the crowd as something really fun, comfortable, or unique that shouldn’t be passed up?

A: Without a doubt, everything Varley. They just do sweaters and sweatshirts so well. Specifically, their Vine pullovers or anything that comes in their DoubleSoft fabric. It’s so yummy. The softest sweatshirt you’ll ever own—trust me when I say it has a loyal following. The Vine pullovers offer a tailored oversize fit for a more elegant athleisure look. The oversized collar drapes over your shoulders, which gives it a nice contemporary vibe.   

Q: The fashion landscape suggests that with busy schedules and on-the-go lifestyles, so many of us have started to prioritize comfort over everything else. But when we still want to add some chic accessories, what are shoppers gravitating towards? What are the best ways to spice up an outfit that’s primarily practical?  

A: Sling and belt bags are taking over right now. Nobody does it better than MZ Wallace. They’re made with super premium nylon and natural Italian leather lining, so you know the quality is there. The range of styles is endless—most of my customers will throw on a sling over their athleisure look because it totally just encapsulates the vibe. It’s not stealing from anything you’re wearing, it’s sporty, chic, and big enough to fit your keys, phone, wallet, and snacks. And if you’re a mom with little ones, it can absolutely fit an extra diaper and a mini pack of wipes too. In addition to the Crosby Crossbody Sling, the Metro Sling is another favorite. Finally, if you’re looking for a sporty bag that fits on your wrist, you can’t go wrong with the small Sutton. It’s versatile too—throw on the strap and make it a cross-body. Alright, one last accessory we can’t forget about is the midi sock. Everyone loves a good sock moment! We’re bringing the 80’s back with this one. It adds the perfect finishing touch to any look!

Athleisure brands have started making a wider array of options. It’s not just leggings and a t-shirt anymore—brands design with lifestyle in mind.

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