Hygge in the Home

Concept Calls for Minimalist Design and Unapologetic Comfort

Hygge in the Oklahoma Home With cooler weather—and the holidays—just around the corner, who isn’t looking forward to crackling fires, cozy blankets and filling meals?

This sense of slowing down and living in the moment in unapologetic comfort is a defining characteristic of Danish culture—and, really, all of Scandinavia. It even has a name: hygge (pronounced hoo-guh).

Hygge enthusiasts champion minimalism, keeping things unfussy and decluttered, notes Neila Crank-Clements, partner and project lead at Urban Kitchens (UrbanKitchensOK.com), an Oklahoma City company that has been designing and building kitchens and bathrooms since 1999.

Urban Kitchens recently designed a kitchen with this philosophy in mind. Nestled between Ski Island and Silver Lake, this mid-century split level took on a second life with a light, bright, efficient kitchen. Introducing warmth with a textured melamine slab door (bonus: so easy to clean!), large-scale neutral tile and an overall simplified finish, this project was just the update the home needed—and the owners craved.  Finishing off the space, live aloe and orchids helped bring nature inside.

Decluttering was a huge part of the project. Have you used the extra pie plates and Tupperware buried deep within your lower cabinets lately? Can you even find them without crawling on the floor and digging around? The answer to this problem in this instance, Neila says, was drawers and organizing inserts. Drawers were added in the place of cabinets all around the new kitchen; they are deep enough to hold stacks of pots and pans and even small appliances. In-drawer dividers keep all the pieces separate and easy to find, just what you need after a long day at work or school when you are trying to throw together dinner or an impromptu gathering of friends.

Comfortable conviviality is another term associated with the term hygge. As we look forward to spending more time at home celebrating with family and friends, what better time than now to bring some hygge to your home?

Design Resources for Hygge in the Home

BenjaminMoore.com/en-us/color-overview/color-palettes/color-by-style/hygge-paint-colors (paint colors)

TheSpruce.com/hygge-for-small-spaces-4157913 (design resources)

Masterclass.com/articles/how-to-declutter-your-home (hygge and decluttering)

You’ll find all kinds of great tips for decluttering your house to help you obtain a sense of hygge in the links above and other places, such as Pinterest. The goal is to stop obsessing about things and instead creating a space that supports your well-being, which includes freeing your home of distracting clutter.

Below are some steps you can take to help achieve hygge in your home, culled from a variety of hygge websites.

  • Take a look at your space/s. Really look. Take a photo if it helps. Do you like what you see? How does it make you feel?
  • Take a while to figure out why you have amassed so much clatter. Do you tend to make impulse buys? Do you keep gifts even if you don’t use them (or use them only infrequently)? Do you keep things for sentimental reasons?
  • Visualize the “ideal” space. A little research helps. Don’t hurry this process. It may help to break the job down into parts if doing it all overwhelms you. However, it is important to start immediately (especially if you tend to procrastinate), even if that means beginning by only cleaning the space.
  • Create “homes” (drawers, cupboards, etc.) for those appliances/items you do keep; this not only removes clutter from your countertops but also makes clean-up much easier.
  • Once you’ve achieved the desired result (or are well on the way to that goal), keep your focus on the concept of using vs. doing without and on creating a cozy and welcoming home.

In summary, hygge is not about creating cold, barren spaces that look all look the same. It’s about creating a lifestyle centered on figuring out what you value most, then removing everything that doesn’t align with that or distracts you from what you value most. It’s about removing the clutter, the excess and the distractions so you have more time and space to appreciate what you most value. It’s about focusing on the present and on finding ways to appreciate the cozy, simple moments. It’s a feeling, a mindset and a way of life that promotes well-being.

About Urban Kitchens

Since 1999, Urban Kitchens, 4205 N. Western Ave., Oklahoma City, has been transforming kitchens and bathrooms throughout the Oklahoma City area, including OKC’s historic districts, with an eye to embracing each home’s unique architecture and honoring each homeowner’s personality and lifestyle.

Urban Kitchens works with homeowners looking for a makeover using their existing plan as well as those who want to start from scratch. And they collaborate with each client to help create their dream both on time and on budget.

Meet the Team: Jo Meacham, who holds a master’s degree in architecture and historic preservation from the University of Oklahoma and began her career in planning and preservation with the City of Oklahoma City, is founder and principal designer. Neila Crank-Clements, partner and project lead, comes to Urban Kitchen from a career of work in nonprofit community housing development; she is the company’s expert on affordable luxury and staying within budget. Megan Crowe, cabinet designer, is Urban Kitchens’ in-house organization expert with a deep understanding of how spaces work.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit https://urbankitchensok.com/, call 405.702.7747 or email info@urbankitchensok.com.

Castle Rock Countertops Ready to Tackle Your Dream Kitchen or Bath

Kitchen design has come a long way in the past few decades, with the trend moving toward larger, beautiful spaces where family and friends can gather comfortably, as well as enhanced functionality. Realtors will tell you that at the top of most prospective homebuyers’ must-have lists are well-appointed and modern kitchens and bathrooms.

Castle Rock Countertops—which often partners with Urban Kitchens on kitchen and bath remodels—fully understand this, and they are passionate about helping people fulfill their dreams for these spaces, whether they are looking for a little facelift or a major renovation with all the bells and whistles.

If you are considering selling your home in the near future, a well-renovated kitchen and/or bathroom may get you as much as a 30% increase in its value, says Shara Castillo, co-owner with husband Raul Castillo of the Oklahoma City-based company.

Of course, upgrading these spaces will also give homeowners a renewed appreciation for their homes. Castle Rock Countertops offers a free consultation and provides full-service remodeling, meaning you won’t have to deal with subcontractors. Another benefit of employing a remodeling contractor is their relationships with material suppliers and subcontractors, which will save you money.

Shara and Raul bring between them over 20 years of experience fabricating natural stone into beautiful countertops and vanities and are master fabricators of granite, quartz, marble and other natural stones.

Visit their website, , for more information, photo gallery, customer testimonials, and useful information.

Castle Rock Countertops

4410 N. Western Ave.

Oklahoma City, OK 73118


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