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I Can Buy Myself Flowers

Cynthia Dearnbarger, Owner of Flourish Flowers & Gifts, Shows How to Create a Beautiful Bouquet

Materials Needed: 


• Salal

• Leather leaf

Focal Flowers

• Roses

• Mums

• Spray roses

Specialty Flowers

• Scabiosia

• Anemone

• Tulips

• Sweet pea

• Ranunculus 

Filler flowers

• Carnations

• Stock

• Alstroemeria


• Clippers

• Tissue paper

• Butcher paper

• Ribbon

Step 1

Inspect your flowers removing leaves, thorns and any bruised petals. Once you have selected your flowers, start with the greenery to establish a base. Gather some of the greenery and hold loosely in your hand (like holding an ice cream cone). 

Step 2:

This is where it gets personal. Choose your favorite flower to be the focal point of your bouquet. Then continue adding other focal flowers in different colors, shapes and lengths to give variety, volume and texture.  Hold it upright, while adding filler flowers around the focal point. Rotate the bouquet as you build it so the flowers sit at different angles.

Step 3:

Continue adding your specialty flowers paying attention to overall balance with size of flowers and length of stems. 

Step 4:

Once you’ve arranged all your primary flowers, select a few filler flowers and pops of greenery to the arrangement to balance and add volume where needed.

Step 5:

Cut butcher paper and tissue paper to size. Place face down on table with tissue paper facing on top. Position the flowers diagonally onto the tissue paper. Fold the tissue and butcher paper around the bouquet and secure with ribbon. 

Shop Flourish Flowers & Gifts at 156 W. Main Street in Lewisville for all of the materials needed to craft the perfect bouquet. Or purchase a beautiful ready-made bouquet!