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Iachetti's Kitchen

Warm Hospitality is on the Menu

The hospitality business opened many doors for John Iachetti. Growing up in Paramus, John worked part-time at TJ’s Rib House on Forest Avenue—and the rest is history. “I loved working there, making friends, and earning spending money. The friends I met at TJ’s have all moved on to professional careers in the food or hospitality business,” says John.

Following high school, John attended The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. After working in several different establishments over the years, he landed a position with Loews Hotels, assuming roles including Executive Chef, Director of Food and Beverage, and later, Corporate Director of Entertainment. For over 20 years, John was headquartered in New York City at the Loews Regency Hotel and was responsible for the hotel’s on-site restaurants 540 Park, The Library, and Feinstein’s nightclub, where he added club management and performance bookings to his repertoire. “Cooking and managing both involve creativity, says John. “It was a good way to learn about all aspects of running a business.”

In 2018, he came back to his Bergen County roots. He bought an old pizzeria at 918 Prospect Street in Glen Rock, transforming it into Iachetti’s Kitchen. The varied menu highlights classic family recipes alongside dishes developed by John throughout his culinary career. “The name is deceiving; it’s not just Italian food,” says John. “I like to describe it as American food with an Italian influence.”

Fresh ingredients and gracious, friendly staff are trademarks of Iachetti’s. The menu at Iachetti’s features locally grown ingredients prepared with an artisan flair. John’s short ribs, clam chowder flatbread, and Dr. Pepper(r)-glazed baby back ribs are creative and innovative, reminiscent of his professional career over the years. Other popular choices are the homemade pasta dishes, crispy street tacos, and Granny Flo’s parmesan-crusted rice balls! Just about everything is from scratch, including the mozzarella and bread.

When considering how to equip the kitchen, John decided to go “old school” and install a wood-burning brick oven. “Brick ovens are great for holding heat and provide for even cooking,” says John. “They’re perfect for all types of cooking—not just pizzas and flatbreads. Foods cooked in the brick oven are infused with a slightly smokey, complex flavor that a typical stove cannot duplicate. It also gives roasted chicken and turkey delicious, savory essence.”

Mouthwatering daily specials have become staples to local families who want to look forward to their favorite meals each week. Whether it’s Sunday’s pasta Pomodoro, Tuesday’s turkey dinner with all the trimmings, or Wednesday’s seafood paella, there is a day of the week to suit every taste. John also offers family meal packages that can be picked up curbside and is an expert in cooking up unique catering experiences for backyard parties—hire a grill master for your next event and bring your BBQ to the next level!

Check out Chef John’s vlog, “GrubScape,” on his website for unique grilling and cooking ideas. He has also recently filmed several segments with NBC’s Produce Pete. You’ll enjoy the energetic and spirited vibe of the videos and pick up some great tips and recipes.

“I like to try different things and always strive to provide the best value and quality possible,” says John. “Our business is growing because we can adapt to what people want. It’s my goal to keep up our high standards of delicious food and excellent service."

Iachetti’s is a warm and welcoming establishment that is kid-friendly and community-minded. John’s friendly manner and outgoing personality make him as gifted in the dining room as in the kitchen. “We have a very supportive clientele here in Bergen County. My own family runs in and out of here a lot,” he says. “We want people to feel like they are at our home. We know everybody, and people know us. That’s what I’ve always wanted.”

  • Pine Island mussels, roasted corn, oil cured tomatoes and marsala
  • Autumn Gnocchi -  butternut and kabocha squash, candied shallots and sage oil
  • Strawberry cheesecake with sugared grapes
  • Sal Bonanno - Chef