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Ilia Malinin Spins

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Ice on Fire Ignites World Class Artistry

LSO / ION Collaboration Leaves the Audience Wanting More

Article by Melinda Gipson

Photography by Sharon Halimon Photography and Dave LeMay

Originally published in Leesburg Lifestyle

From the moment Ion International Training Center took shape as a venue for both world class skating and musical performances, founders Mitra Setayesh and Luiz Taifas saw it as a place to serve their community. Says Mitra, “It is our pleasure to partner with the Loudoun Symphony Orchestra, not only one our county’s non-profit organizations, but more importantly, a jewel risen from the heart of our community” to mount a truly extraordinary collaboration featuring live orchestral music and award-winning skaters in a performance June 10.

Associate Conductor of LSO and Music Director of the Loudoun Symphony Youth Orchestra Dr. Hayden Denesha selected the music featuring Ritual Fire Dance from El Amor Brujo, Chariots of Fire, Habanera from Carmen and Suite from The Firebird (1919) to match the passions and “fireworks’ of the skaters’ choreographic talents and the concept of “Ice on Fire” was born.

It took four years of planning, interrupted by a pandemic, and a year of intensive work on the program for Ice on Fire to come together, but when it did, the magic exploded sending Ilia Malinin (the first and only skater to land a quadruple Axel) spinning, bows flying and hearts soaring. Says Hayden, “ION brought one of the best sound technicians I've ever worked with. He perfectly balanced the orchestra for the space.”

In early July we learned that a repeat collabora-tion is now planned for June 2024. It’s no surprise since Hayden’s fascination with the interaction of choreography and music left him – and his awestruck Loudoun audience – wanting more.

 See for upcoming events. 

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