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Landscape Lighting at the Holidays and Throughput the Year to Enhance a Home's Appeal

In December, the magic of the season truly shines once the sun goes down. Neighborhoods glow with the warm twinkle of holiday lights, transforming homes into merry monuments amidst the dark of night. For Richard Popio, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspective, the holidays are not the only time of year to implement landscape lighting to brighten a home. 

“We do uplighting of your home and landscaping, trees, pools, decks,” Richard says. “We try to extend the outdoor life of our clients by providing them with not floodlights, but subtle, warm light.”

At OLP, they use light to both illuminate and enhance the aesthetic of a home, elevating lighting to an art form. 

Originally a client of OLP, Richard assumed ownership of the business two years ago after retiring from the telecom industry. Last year, under Richard’s new ownership, they began offering holiday lighting, which begins in the second week of October. For 2019, they were completely booked through the first week of December, while also continuing to complete non-holiday-related projects. 

Clients may come to OLP with their own ideas for holiday lights, perhaps based on previous years, which they are now unable to construct on their own. Yet, many seek inspiration and suggestions from Richard and his team. 

“We will put a design together for the client, presenting the whole gamut of ideas we have and tailor everything to their needs,” he says. “We can enhance their own designs as well by adding wrapped trees or lighted garland and wreaths.”

Typically, a holiday project takes about five hours for the average Midlothian home, but some larger-scale jobs may take up to three days. Commercial clients include the entrances and clubhouses to Tarrington and Charter Colony and an array of model homes from local builders. OLP works closely with many builders and hardscape contractors throughout the year to help the overall design process and properly showcase finished properties. Richard credits their success largely to his crew of technicians and installers. 

“I’ve been blessed with the group of guys that I work with,” he attests. “I’ve got six guys total; four have been with me, and two are new. They get excited to see the end results. … They work tirelessly to make sure it is done well and it is done right. They will drive by their projects just to see them lit up at night.”

Whether landscape lighting or holiday decor, OLP believes in making properties shine. They view each home as a blank canvas.

“Working on a project is like an artist painting,” Richard says. “You don’t know the finished picture until you’re done. … but it’s exciting to see the end result.”

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