In 2020 I Want To...

A New Year to Try New Things

Be Healthy

Health trends and lifestyles are such a part of our culture, it's normal when a new way of eating or a new piece of exercise equipment promises to make us look and feel the way we so strongly desire. One thing none of those can get rid of is stress—work, family life, everyday chores, pets, parenting, marriage, holiday planning, the list goes on. Stress negatively affects everyone, and while there are a variety of ways to decompress, yoga relaxes both the mind and body, knocking out stress and improving physicality. 

BKS Yoga Studio

2900 Tamiami Trail N

​844.339.6230, BKSYogaStudio.com

Be Artsy

Did you know the right side of your brain houses creativity and artistry? If you are already right-brained, this probably isn’t news as you instinctively craft, create and design. For left-brained people, such things don’t come as naturally. A new year is an excellent time to rest your logical side and activate your inner artist. So, left-brainers, grab one of your already artistically gifted friends so you don’t feel completely out of your element, or right-brainers, drag along one of your pals who needs to be a bit more creative, and dig into your artsy sides!

AR Workshop

2355 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Suite 150
239.571.0073, ARWorkshop.com/Naples

Be Intelligent

Intelligence is the ability to think, learn from experiences, solve problems, and to adapt to new situations. It impacts behavior. It’s an indicator of success. It’s even considered quite attractive. One way to keep your mind sharp and operating to its greatest potential is to challenge it in this tech world where everything is at our fingertips before we even think about it. Seize opportunities to stimulate your brain as it's your control center!

Express Languages

4947 Tamiami Trail North #203

239.262.6462, ExpressLanguages.com

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