In 2020, I Want To ...

Change my eating habits. 

Before you embark on your healthy eating journey, take a moment to consider your goals. Then head to Fresh Thyme Farmers Market—any team member can point you in the right direction to help you get started. 

“We pride ourselves on not having a customer service desk,” Fresh Thyme regional marketing coordinator Ali Stigler says. “Although that’s confusing to people, you can ask anyone any questions you have—they’ll get you the answers.” 

The Fresh Thyme website and their free, in-store Crave magazine also contain dietician tips, recipes and ideas to help you eat healthier. 

Incorporate healthy foods. 

Consider starting slow and make smart swaps. Fresh Thyme has many healthier substitutions for your favorite foods and drinks at comparable prices to bigger grocery chains. 

Store director Amy Bishop suggests trying Zevia soda as a better alternative to your favorite cola, dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, and their array of coffee drinks over some of the more conventional options. 

Not sure if a food is healthy or not? Read the label. Every item at the store has a label so you’ll know exactly what’s in it. You can also look up the ingredients on their website or ask to see nutrition information at the bakery, deli or butcher counter. 

Cook fresh.

Ali suggests trying prepared meals or frozen entrees as a healthy cooking entry point. “Our ready-made meals are super easy,” she says. 

Amy recommends keeping fresh produce and juices in your fridge, plus frozen, organic meals and meats in your freezer, with bulk department grains and dry goods in your pantry—you'll always have healthy ingredients within reach. 

The store also has a generous natural living department stocked with pre- and post-workout supplements, electrolytes, multivitamins and other enhancements to round out your healthy eating lifestyle.

FreshThyme.com | Harpers Station, 11349 Montgomery Rd. | 513.247.0018

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