In Search of the Tooth

Compassionate, Attentive Care at Bethesda Chevy Chase Advanced Dentistry gives patients plenty to smile about

Near the bottom of Google’s most-popular searches, there’s “poems about dentists,” and “love songs about dentists.” Mostly, Google finds odes to lost baby teeth or parodies about dental procedures. But just because writers and composers don’t often count their dentist as a muse, doesn’t mean there’s nothing to love about modern dentistry.

At Bethesda Chevy Chase Advanced Dentistry, Dr. George Gotsiridze’s patients find plenty to love. First, they appreciate that they can call him Dr. George. (Talking is hard enough with a mouthful of dental stuff, let alone trying a tricky-to-pronounce name.) Patients also love that Dr. Gotsiridze runs an efficient office with convenient scheduling. They might not sing about him but they do describe Dr. Gotsiridze as a “gentle giant,” very compassionate, attentive, easy to talk to and a good communicator who clearly explains every procedure. “I enjoy the balance of science and art, and connecting with people,” said Dr. Gotsiridze, a Boston native who now lives in Bethesda with his wife, Lela and their young daughter, Ana Alexandra. 

Dr. Gotsiridze took over the practice five years ago from the renowned prosthodontist Dr. Lawrence Rothenberg, when Dr. Rothenberg retired. “The practice has been around over 40 years,” said Dr. Gotsiridze. “Many families with their kids and grandkids come here. We strive to build conversations that last through generations. We know our patients’ families, their grandkids, their dog names, where they vacation etc. We have a very intimate setting to make patients feel comfortable and relaxed and to ease any dental anxiety.”  

Dr. Gotsiridze earned a Bachelor of Science in biology and a Master’s of Science from the University of Massachusetts, and then a dental degree from Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine, followed by a residency in New York. A member of the American Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry, Dr. Gotsiridze is a strong proponent of continuing education, which helps him improve patient care experiences and results.

Dr. Gotsiridze wields nifty devices with names like DIAGNOdent and intraoral cameras, which both resemble a cross between a wide ballpoint pen and a magic wand. The intraoral camera allows Dr. Gotsiridze to gain precise and well-defined pictures of hard-to-see places within a patient’s mouth, and the DIAGNOdent detects cavities that regular x-rays can’t find. Better still: both tools are non-invasive, quick and painless.

Dr. Gotsiridze also uses digital x-rays which, he said, “are faster and less harmful, as they contain up to 90 percent less radiation compared to traditional x-rays.” Also, within seconds, images of the patient’s teeth appear on a computer screen, which, Dr. Gotsiridze said, enables him to “zoom into the image to better assess and educate the patient regarding their oral health.” 

Dr. Gotsiridze describes his type of dental care as minimally invasive and evidence-based. “We focus on personalized treatments and partner with each patient to achieve their healthiest, most attractive smile,” he said. “I always recommend preventive and the most conservative approach for successful, predictable, and lasting results.”

In addition to exams, cleanings, and fillings, Dr. Gotsiridze and his team offer treatment for gum disease, devices for snoring and sleep apnea, implants, bridges, crowns, in-office and in-home whitening, and many cosmetic and restorative procedures, including full-mouth reconstruction and same-day teeth replacement.

During Covid, Dr. Gotsiridze and his team are taking precautions to keep everyone safe with hand-sanitizing stations, temperature checks and a mask requirement. Dr. Gotsiridze encourages patients not to miss appointments or delay routine dental care, despite the pandemic.

Located in the gleaming Barlow Building on Wisconsin Ave., the cheerful offices of Bethesda Chevy Chase Advanced Dentistry give patients even more to smile about. The bright space is filled with natural light from abundant windows. Live plants and colorful wall art add to the relaxed vibe, and that’s even before being greeted by the friendly staff. Although they’ll be wearing masks, their eyes are smiling, just like the song says.

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