In the Driver's Seat

With 28 years of experience under his belt, Aaron Shearer has finally taken the wheel as he celebrates one year in business with Route 228 Auto Mall

After working for 28 years for other large automotive groups in the Butler area, Aaron Shearer knew it was time to hit the road and start his own business. In June 2018, he opened Route 228 Auto Mall with another business partner. Having just celebrated his company's one-year anniversary, Aaron is only speeding up with his business and showing no signs of slowing down. Luckily, we were able to catch up with him and talk shop.

What are the services and deals you provide at Route 228 Auto Mall?

We sell late-model used cars—a lot of '17, '18 and '19 models. Everything I have is very low in mileage. We have a service shop, which does oil changes, tire rotation and alinements. We also work on brakes, mufflers, shocks and other light maintenance things. We have a detail shop here as well, and we have a 24-hour state-of-the-art car wash. Plus, every one of our cars comes with a lifetime powertrain warranty. 

Can you talk a little bit about how you and your staff operate and what you do on a daily basis?

I have 14 employees: salespeople, technicians, detailers, lot attendants, a service manager and a finance manager. Six people who I previously worked with followed me to this business, and a lot of our clientele has followed me from the Butler area too. My staff is what keeps people coming back!

You just celebrated one year in business, so what is on the horizon for year two and the future?

I would love to be large enough that I can close up my service center here at the dealership. I would then turn my service center that I have now into an indoor showroom and someday build a separate building just for my service department. I want to take care of the community, and I want the community to take care of me! If customers are happy with their cars and the service, all will work out. 

Route 228 Auto Mall

215 Scharberry Lane, Mars

855.591.8009, 228AutoMall.com

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