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Sharing holiday traditions with some of our favorite local business owners

During the holiday season, the power of tradition impacts people all over the world with joy and cheer. Some families give to those in need while others express their care and love through thoughtful gifts as they gather with family members. No tradition is too small or insignificant, as each one holds a beloved meaning to those who share what matters to them most. 

From awe-inspiring festivities to warming frigid fingertips, putting up decorations and unwrapping gifts, bringing people together to collaborate and celebrate in a meaningful way is really what holiday traditions are about.  

To kick off the holiday season, we caught up with some members of your local Boulder community to find out what traditions they are fond of, remember lovingly, and can’t live without.  

Shaun Bezuidenhout — 

With a birthday that falls on Thanksgiving, Shaun Bezuidenhout, CEO and Co-Founder of FITtec. Franchise starts the holiday season off with much to be thankful for. Tradition is super important to his family, as it underpins their values and will continue on with the traditions and values of their future family generations.  Originally from South Africa, his family absolutely loves to cook, eat and be merry, so you can find them all congregating in the kitchen while whipping up amazing meals left and right.

Craig Newton — 

The Newton family tradition is an entire family affair, as they come together to gather money for a family in need. Each family also enjoys picking out a local charity in their respective hometowns to volunteer and help out for at least a day. Craig Newton, Spa Director of True Bloom Spa, says his wife Lisa came up with the idea about six years ago to support another family during what can be a very stressful time of the year for so many. Newton values the establishment of traditions that will last lifetimes and believes that the most incredible gifts are those of the moment.

Laura Iverson — 

Interior Designer, Laura Iverson grew up with many Norwegian holiday traditions. The most memorable and meaningful holiday tradition was that her family owned a Christmas tree farm in Minnesota. One of the businesses was a choose-and-cut Christmas tree farm, which was started by her father the year she was born. Each year in the spring, they’d plant trees; as the holidays came, they’d share the Christmas tree farm experience with many families. Simple, fun, and unbelievably cold, she learned the best and most valuable lessons about hard work, dedication, and generosity. As a family, they focused on the true meaning of the holidays, in giving to others without the expectation of anything in return. A tradition of more than 30 years, this year will be the last with her father’s retirement. However, the tradition of a freshly cut tree during the holidays will still live on as she’ll continue this tradition with her two boys.