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In the Zone

The Shop Club and Derby Restaurant are now open in Houston.

Article by Memorial Lifestyle Staff

Photography by Nina Diaz

Originally published in River Oaks Lifestyle

Motor enthusiast and serial entrepreneur Matt Bell has turned a lifelong passion into a reality with the grand opening of The Shop Club and Derby Restaurant in Houston's Northwest/Champions neighborhood. The 70,000-square-foot space promises a haven for motor and art collectors, offering a unique blend of automotive enthusiasm, community, and elevated dining experiences.

Bell, a former college football player turned entrepreneur, recalls his competitive spirit driving his desire to create the ultimate gathering place for automotive enthusiasts. "I wanted to change the model...have a place around food and beverage with no food and beverage minimums," Bell shared.

The Shop Club Houston boasts an array of amenities, from storage and service for automobiles and motorcycles to coworking spaces, a speakeasy, and gaming areas. Bell's attention to detail extends to the venue's design, with elements like motorcycle chain chandeliers and reclaimed wood accents adding a unique touch.

Derby Restaurant, led by Executive Chef Rick Adams, offers scratch-made comfort food favorites to members and non-members, alongside handcrafted motor-themed cocktails.

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