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Gallery5 is Richmond's Leading Venue for Local and Regional Audiences

Gallery5 is Richmond's community-driven visual and performing arts center that supports a more diverse, inclusive, and inspired region of art enthusiasts. A former firehouse, the historic Jackson Ward venue spotlights state-of-the-art, modern art exhibitions ranging from themed solo and group performances to international notables, Richmond favorites, and budding artists whose creations warrant more exposure in the local community. Gallery5 uses artistic talents to boost positive social and economic change and awareness through annual fundraisers, exhibitions, and exclusive marketing campaigns.

In April, Prabir Mehta, a musician and board chair for Gallery5, played his swan song for the last time as he retired from the nonprofit after 16 years of service. Mehta played a crucial role in upholding Gallery5 during the COVID-19 pandemic. A week later, the award-winning venue invited Short Pump City Lifestyle to its 18th-anniversary extravaganza. The celebration marked the 18 years Gallery5 has been organizing events for the Richmond community. The commemorative evening was successful with art by Eliza Jane Prints, Say-10 Records, and Angry Black Gxrl Art and the rhythmic sounds of Josh Small and Andrew Alli, Deau Eyes, Holy River, Sweet Potatoes, and IONNA. 

To help support Gallery5 and its mission to promote local artists, musicians, and entertainers, go to: