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Balanced Wellness

Natural Weight Loss And Hormone-Balancing New Programs With Products Available Locally

BeBalanced clients have the benefit of true connection with their personal wellness coaches, who are equipped with tools to help them lose stubborn weight and overcome their hormone-related symptoms, reminds Linda Barilani, natural hormone balancing specialist and local BeBalanced owner.

"While we love working with our virtual clients, there's nothing like stepping away from the busyness of life into our serene environment and sharing refreshing water before sitting down together to make a game plan for tackling the obstacles ahead," she adds. 

Local BeBalanced centers are hubs of activity, and Linda says she relishes chances to assist community members with their personal health journeys. 

"This year, we’ve increased the number of coaching visits our clients get as part of their program to offer greater support and accountability," she adds. 

Meditation has been a key component of the BeBalanced program, however Linda says her clients were just given a major meditation program upgrade through the company's new partnership with BrainTap technology.

Clients in the BeBalanced program are given a stress analysis that shows how well their nervous systems are handling stress in their lives, she says, and what impact their ability to handle that stress is having on various aspects of their health. "We also added BrainTap stations in our centers that use headsets to incorporate light and sound technology to stimulate creative visualization to help eliminate addictions and unhelpful thoughts while creating new behavioral patterns that align with the life they want."

Linda says the company introduced a signature scent called 'Be,' which mirrors the centers' tranquil, enriching environment through ambient fragrance. She adds that clients also can purchase phthalate-free candles, lotions and hand wash to incorporate the BeBalanced vibe into their homes.

"Our simple-to-follow program is even easier now with their new partnership with Icon Meals. Clients now have the option to skip the grocery store and instead have freshly prepared program-compliant meals delivered straight to their door," she announces. 

BeBalanced added at-home food sensitivity testing to give clients a clearer picture of how their bodies respond to potentially inflammatory foods and how the BeRenewed Gut Restoration program can help resolve some sensitivities.

Furthermore, Linda says the company this year is incorporating organic elements from crystals, geodes and metals. For example she says amethyst is believed to boost hormone production and tune the endocrine system and metabolism while strengthening the immune system and tissue regeneration. Rose quartz is known for balancing emotional health and releasing emotional blockages. Citrine is said to promote confidence and clarity and is also connected with the energy of the sun, promoting a sense of happiness and light. Copper is used to represent
healing, wellness, and balance.

"While BeBalanced doesn't advocate consuming alcohol, we understand some of us like to enjoy a glass of wine in the most healthful way possible, and therefore we introduced a partnership with Dry Farm Wines and others to come," says Linda. 

BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Centers:
1385 Dilworthtown Crossing, West Chester

90 Commerce Drive, Wyomissing

"We did extensive market research to identify brand confusion around our name, BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers, and are excited to change our name to BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Centers. Amidst popularity of potentially dangerous medical weight loss injections, Natural Weight Loss better encompasses our multifaceted, non-medical approach to helping clients safely achieve the life of vitality they deserve," says Jennifer Seroogy Cutillo, CEO, BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers

  • Linda Barilani / Photo by Jeff Robinson