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Indoor Plant + Container Gardening Guide


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

Whether or not you have a green thumb, you can learn how to grow plants indoors! Container gardening has never been easier because there are tons of resources and tools available to help you succeed. Make your house a little more eco-friendly and grow your own fresh veggies and herbs. Plus, many flowers and plants are great for managing the air quality in your home and even for getting better sleep. Treat yourself this Earth Day to some new plant babies.

Top 10 Vegetable Crops for Containers

Container gardening has many perks—no squatting in your hard for hours with the sun burning your neck, better weed control, easier to protect from critters and possible to do on a patio! Here is a David Domoney's guide to some of the easiest vegetables to grow in a pot.

How to Grow Flowers Indoors

Flowers on the porch are beautiful and look great for the neighbors, but if you spend most of your day inside, you want flowers you can see and enjoy too. Growing flowering plants in pots indoors is a little bit different than outside in a garden, so you'll need to make sure you pick the right kinds of flowers and get the right supplies for them. But once you have all of the info, it's not too hard!

Indoor Plant Inspiration

If you find yourself feeling a little empty or lonely, a great way to combat those feelings is to care for another living thing. And maybe you have children, but they have been going through some stuff lately, and it feels like an upward battle with them. Maybe you have pets, and they keep getting into the trash or pooping on your carpet. You know what won't ever let you down? Plants!

Indoor plants are great to care for because they are pretty and brighten up a room, they purify your air and some types even help you sleep better. So the more you pour into them, the more you get in return. And if you follow the right plant guides, they just keep growing.

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