Indoor Skydiver To Help Introduce the Sport to Colorado Springs

Colorado's 15-Year-Old Sydney Kennett Among Best in the World

Colorado Springs has a new shooting star, but you won’t catch this star soaring through the night sky. Instead, you can usually catch her flying in wind tunnels.

Meet Sydney Kennett, a Colorado native known as one of the best indoor skydivers in the world. At only 15 years old, it’s no doubt that Colorado’s altitude runs through her veins as she skyrockets through the sport. She has participated in competitions around the world, earning dozens of accolades.

After winning multiple awards in 2017 & 2018 from the Colorado Sportswoman of the Year committee, she became the youngest female in Colorado history to be inducted into the Colorado Sportswoman Hall of Fame in 2019. And since Sydney is a flying force to be reckoned with, she also holds a Guinness World Record for the most split spins in a vertical wind tunnel in one minute.

You might be wondering what a vertical wind tunnel is. Get ready, local friends, because Colorado Springs is about to get a firsthand experience with its very own. Just outside the North Gate of the Air Force Academy, arguably the birthplace of “modern” flight, three retired Air Force Generals are opening a 14-foot indoor skydiving tunnel: iFLY Colorado Springs.

With an athlete like Sydney blazing the trail, it’s no doubt that Colorado Springs is about the become an epicenter of the up-and-coming professional sport of indoor skydiving. iFLY will not only be a place where skydiving athletes can practice their captivating routines, but also where first-time fliers can have a chance to experience the rush of skydiving.

“There really is nothing like indoor skydiving,” beams Sydney. “It’s a one-of-a-kind experience and I can’t get enough.” Although flying through a 14-foot wind tunnel may sound less intimidating than flying through the sky, there is no shortage of extensive skill that is required in the sport.

“Body flight requires the skill, core strength, and drive of gymnastics, the grace of dance, and the quick reflexes of many action sports. It’s arguably the most visually stunning sport in existence,” Sydney’s father, Andrew Kennett, explains. And if you do a little research on some of Sydney’s flight videos you will not only agree, but will likely be blown away.

If you’re interested in meeting the shooting star herself, check out the brand-new facility when it opens this year. You can be sure to catch Sydney, an iFLY ambassador, doing flying demos and sharing her passion for this exciting sport. “We would love nothing more than to share this sport with the local community and we can’t wait for Colorado Springs to experience what it’s like to fly.”

Sydney's Website:
Instagram: @tunnelgirl24_sydney

iFLY Website:
Facebook + Instagram: @iFLYColoradoSprings

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