Infinite Possibilities to Elevate

The brand-new photo and video studio in Northern Colorado

An infinity studio, or cyclorama, as it’s known in the business, is coming to Northern Colorado. Inside the offices of The Creative Agency, is the newest cyclorama. Excitement ripples through the offices, as the multitude of ways this innovative studio can be used is the topic of discussion. 

“It’s going to elevate every single thing that we do, from our client's shoots to every production and photography session, it’s all going to be elevated because we have this space,” says Tony Deyo, Director of Web Development at The Creative Agency. 

This innovative studio features an all-white studio with more than 100 square feet of space. The pristine white floor and curving walls make the space easy to manipulate for any project. The color choice makes it easy to Photoshop or impose a background and foreground of any kind. The curvature makes the space seem “infinite and seamless” as there are no abrupt corners on the walls and floor. With unlimited possibilities for this space, it’s no wonder the staff here is excited about the latest addition.   

The idea for this studio came to The Creative Agency during a photoshoot for a client. After a work trip to Dallas, where they rented a cyclorama and saw first-hand the possibilities of an infinity studio, the team knew they had to have one for themselves.  

“It started off with the need to push our projects to a higher level,” exclaims Gabe Kawamura, Director of Cinematography at The Creative Agency. Soon the wheels were in motion to create this one-of-a-kind space right here in Fort Collins. 

The opportunities don’t stop at the production level, the studio space offers a magnitude of possibilities with post-production creativity as well. This cutting-edge studio space offers infinite possibilities for the inventive team and will give Northern Colorado elevated opportunities for production projects. 

How can the community get in on the action? This studio is available for rent! Professionals, creatives, and aspirers can rent time in the cyclorama and can feature their own products and ideas. The sky's the limit in this top-of-the-line studio.  

With this latest photo and video studio, The Creative Agency, along with Deyo and Kawamura, will once again push the envelope, always offering their clients the ultimate experience. Go to or call (970) 803-0190 to book time in the cyclorama for your next project. 

“It’s going to elevate every single thing that we do, from our client's shoots to every production and photography session." - Tony Deyo 

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