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Influencer and Creator Michelle Robinson Talks Modern Day Moguls

Redefining The Family Business

Michelle Robinson of Modern Day Moguls wears many hats. She's a wife, a "millennial mom on a mission," a small business owner, social media maven, crossfitter, budget DIYer, tween stylist, and the list goes on. Phew! How does she do it all? 

For starters, it was timing. The former marketing executive says, "When my second daughter was born, I came home from working full-time and was home with my two kids. And then once I was able to get the hang of mothering, I guess, I just started to Instagram and started sharing our lives. Instagram just kind of took over social media and grew quickly."

In fact, that's how the name of Modern Day Moguls was born. "I started on Instagram to kind of brand the work from home, work with your kids thing. We were modern day. And moguls came from working with my kids."

The Thompson's Station resident calls her two sweet girls ages eight and 10, her co-workers. She says, "I am enjoying and really do love motherhood." Michelle revels in the special moments. She continues, "I love to share our city. I love to share our travels. But I also love home and ways that I make my house a home. I like sharing the things that we do at the house and decorating and flowers and smells and little things like that, that just create an atmosphere." With 64K followers on Instagram, she's clearly doing something that resonates with people.

And what advice would she give to budding influencers? "Turn off the noise. Cause you're going to get noise. And find your own unique voice. You're never going to be authentic enough to where somebody listens to what you have to say when you're just repeating or doing what other people are doing. I'm still working on finding my voice and I've been doing this for six years." @moderndaymoguls