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Relationship First

By Marlissa Gardner

As we enter peak season here in Naples, I reflect on my personal and business journey, shaped in part by life in Naples. I have come to a profound conclusion that success in the business of art is about many things, passion, knowledge and hard work, but mostly it is built on relationships and so is Naples. I talked recently to the owner of one of our top restaurants in Naples. “In Naples, we celebrate diverse backgrounds and invest in relationships,” he told me.

My entry to the world of high-value, investable, collectible art came through relationships. In 2015 armed with an American “can-do” attitude and a passion for art and conversation, I agreed to manage an exhibition for an Italian artist. Our joint success, our partnership, ultimately led to me receiving a knighthood from the Medici family for art and culture.

Now, bringing the knowledge and experience I have built over the last eight years, I enjoy introducing the world of Masterworks to Naples in a series of collaborations with local influencers and businesses, creating a buzz through the experiences and moments in our lives and art that points towards value and impact. Combined with the “Mosaic of Memories” project and shows from emerging masters such as Todd Williamson and Dario Campanile, this coming Season is shaping up to be the best.

This is “Relationship First”. This is life in Naples. This is life in Art, and I can’t wait to see how this season unfolds.

From the base of a gallery on 5th Avenue, I built a roster of artists, and a network of dealers across the world, and the real business began.  My journey has not been easy; Emillions Art is something different for Naples. We are not a first-floor walk-in gallery; we are on the second floor. We deal with fine art, and meaningful art, ranging from unique emerging contemporary master artists to rare masterworks. We work with people who are seekers of impact, value and beauty; from wealthy collectors and homeowners to our inspirational interior designers.

Finding Strength

By Angela Campbell

I’m often asked how I found strength in wellness. In my early 40s, I noticed that I felt physically and mentally exhausted all of the time — and, on top of that, I was also struggling with brain fog and found myself sick more often. This led me to look into exercise and IV therapy on my journey to feeling better. By exercising regularly and using IV therapy as a way to hydrate my body, I started to feel more energetic and youthful. I also learned about the powerful benefits of vitamin infusions. Using Vitamin B to increase my energy levels, Vitamin C to strengthen my immune system, and Glutathione to improve my overall recovery, I noticed that I had more energy and wasn’t sick as often. However, I still struggled with brain fog, and eventually discovered NAD IV therapy which stimulates cell regeneration and helps with enhancing cognitive processing. The therapy worked great for me, and within a few days I felt my brain fog lifting. I strongly believe that I was able to find strength in wellness by combining exercise with IV therapy. Liquivida® is a full-service wellness center in Naples offering age management and medical spa services. Replenish, rehydrate, and revitalize through vitamin IV therapy, medical aesthetics, and innovative weight loss solutions.

All Shapes

By Darren FX Clair, MD, DipABLM

For me, weight is not an aesthetic issue: there are beautiful people in every size.  As a physician, however, excess weight, or more specifically, excess body fat is a serious health concern.  Excess body fat greatly increases one’s risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and even cancer. Because of this fact, I have always offered a weight management program at Vibrance Health.  For 21 years, Vibrance has offered a safe, natural, tried & true solution to weight loss, that also works amazingly fast. I do not believe in offering the latest “miracle drug” that may be trending now. The simple fact is that all drugs have side effects.  For a permanent solution, it is important to help people understand and address why they may have gained weight.  Is it due to hormonal imbalances, stress-related, due to poor-quality sleep, or lifestyle issues?  Our comprehensive SHAPE Weight Loss Program helps people to do just that - quickly, comfortably, and healthfully lose unwanted body fat, once and for all!

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