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Dario Campanile of Naples

The Emerging Master – The Art of Finding New Value 

As I write this, we are moving toward the end of the season, and what a momentous season it has been. At Emillions Art, we recently celebrated the opening of our last major exhibition of the season by Dario Campanile, who is a resident of our great City of Naples.

From the huge successes of the Winter Wine Festival and the First Tee Foundation, not to mention our own contribution of the Naples Pier Project, to the vibrancy of business and “life as usual,” it has been truly amazing to see and be part of the rebuilding, post-Hurricane Ian. Naples came back, and better than ever! 

One thing that runs through life in Naples is an appreciation of quality and value. People in Naples know quality when they see it and value things and experiences that enhance their life, and the lives of those around them. Everybody wants to know that when they invest their hard-earned money into something, whether it be their dream house, a luxury car, or the experience of a lifetime, they are making a good decision that represents great value as well as bringing pleasure to their lives. 

I see this in my world of art. When I talk to people, I come across a diverse range of motivations for art, whether it be beauty, inspiration, style or simply for investment – especially in the area I focus on, namely high-quality collectible and investment-worthy pieces for experienced collectors and those people who are at the beginning of their journey.

I am often approached by clients and potential clients, who need confidence that they are making good choices with art. As well as some of the established masterworks, very often the conversation turns to contemporary art, and the question is “how can we identify artists, and their work, that not only have intrinsic appeal, but also have the potential to grow in value over time?”

Over time and with experience, I have developed a framework that I use to help advise clients to be able to identify and define artists with this potential as a new class of artists: the emerging master. Within this framework, to be regarded as an emerging master, an artist must show a developing track record, over time, of increasing value (value appreciation), expanding into new markets (global reach), and becoming known and appreciated by foundations, exhibitions, museums (institutional reputation). I find that this works, and I am fortunate to have a network of artists who fit the bill.

When I think of life in Naples, it occurs to me that Naples can be regarded as an emerging master in its own way, an undiscovered slice of paradise. Naples grows in value every year, has a community that travels globally and its own institutions that invest in growing our reputation. Long may that continue.