Ingredients Matter

Pet Wants believes "Fresh is just better"

We all try to eat fresh and healthy foods, with ingredients beneficial to our specific needs and dietary restrictions. You wouldn’t treat your four-legged bestie any different and neither would we.

You go out of your way to ensure their health, safety, comfort, and happiness. That’s why it’s important to feed them the best, healthiest food possible for a long and happy life. Benjamin King takes pride in the freshness of the meals his company, Pet Wants Johns Creek, offers and considers the quality of what they create to be a matter of integrity and trust. “Most pet food brands are manufactured in massive quantities in a factory, transported across miles, and stored for months at a time in a warehouse, all the while losing vital nutrients essential to your pet’s health,” says Benjamin. “Pet Wants food is made in small batches and slow-cooked over low heat. It's made monthly to ensure freshness when you’re ready to restock the pantry. We offer free delivery right to your door with our auto-delivery program—like clockwork. No more running out of food. No more heavy bags. It’s so convenient and easy!”

Mass-produced pet foods can contain all kinds of preservatives and are usually made with low-quality ingredients that lack real nutritional value. Your pet will benefit from foods made fresh using thoughtfully sourced (as locally as possible) ingredients of the highest quality, packed with vitamins and easily digestible proteins. You’ll never see sugar, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, animal by-products or fillers in the ingredients list at Pet Wants.

“Our delicious and nutritious meals can help to regulate digestion, boost energy, and maintain weight. A fresh and healthy high-value diet is part of an overall happy lifestyle for your pet, and because it is so fresh, it has a delicious aroma to entice even the pickiest eater,” promises Benjamin.

“In just one week, your lovable, full of personality, and sometimes a little naughty, best friend and occasional therapist can enjoy a fresh and delicious aromatic diet that supports their overall well-being.”

But don’t just take Benjamin’s word for it. Here are what his customers are saying.

Margaret and Jack Curtain

Dog’s Name: Mulligan

We have been using Pet Wants for nearly two years. Our dog, Mulligan, had previously been on a hypoallergenic food diet. She would push her food around her dish and never finish her meal. She also was itching and scratching all the time. With the help of Ben King, we found a meal plan that suits Mulligan. She loves her food and licks her bowl clean. The itching and scratching have stopped. Her skin is no longer dry and her coat is smooth. She is a happy dog. Also, with monthly renewal and home delivery, Pet Wants has saved the day!  

Tricia Carey

Dog’s Name: Clutch

We switched our 20-month old lab to Pet Wants from the puppy dog food he had started on with his breeder. Just prior to switching we noticed that he was itching a ton and developed a hot spot. After just days on the Pet Wants salmon recipe his itching decreased, the hot spot went away, his coat became shinier and his energy level increased significantly!

Lily Rynes
Dog’s Name: Henry

Pet Wants dry dog food has done wonders for my dog's health and happiness! Before switching his food to Pet Wants, Henry had very little appetite and issues with his digestion and coat. Since the switch, he begs for his food every meal and has no more digestive or skin concerns! It has truly been the biggest miracle for my pup, even into his senior years.

For all your fresh pet food needs, contact Angelica and Sergio De La Torre, the local owners of Pet Wants Alpharetta.

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