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Innovation on the Shoreline

How the latest invention from TouchStone Accent Lighting is changing the way we light up our waterfronts

One of the best parts about the 4th of July is watching fireworks from a boat on the lake, and up until now, the only downfall was getting from the boat to shore in the dark  — well, not anymore. TouchStone Accent Lighting has just changed the game with their new SunTino Waterfront Lighting series.

TouchStone founder and president Mark Hanson has been designing light fixtures since 1986. A waterfront light fixture had, up until recently, been one of the few products that he struggled to perfect. But several models later and with a lot of feedback, Mark has significantly upped his game with this new lighting series.

“This isn’t the first type of dock light I’ve tried. When looking at the downfalls we had with some of the previous styles, this answers a lot of the questions we received,” Mark added, “I know without a doubt this is the best dock light design that I’ve ever come up with.”

The SunTino Waterfront lighting series provides indirect lighting for docks, boat lifts, and shoreline paths and is great in both residential and commercial settings. The lights themselves are safe to use near the water and provide peace of mind while loading your boat up and walking to shore in the dark. But best of all, the Waterfront series offers a sustainable lighting solution and minimizes the environmental impact — a win-win on all accounts.

The new series features three new light fixtures: 

  • The Solar Dock Light easily mounts to the side of any style of dock — temporary or permanent. 

  • The Solar Boat Lift Light features an aluminum housing that mounts to the side of any type of boat lift.

  • The new Solar Shore Light provides safety and security with a heavy-duty stake and removable cap for seasonal use.

Some of the features that set the SunTino Waterfront lighting series apart from others are the patented solar panels, wireless mounts, replaceable lithium-ion batteries, and preset on and off timers. 

If you’re familiar with TouchStone’s revolutionary SunTino solar lights, you’ll be happy to know that those same solar modules are used in the Waterfront series. The patented, professional-grade solar lights are designed for various applications and, according to Mark, fill a hole in the solar market.

“Solar lights, in my opinion, are predominately not very good quality. They don’t last very long and don’t give off a lot of light. What I’ve created with the SunTino line is powerful, bright, and high-quality lights, and in my opinion, that doesn’t exist out there right now, and that’s the hole we’re trying to fill.”

In addition to the patented solar lights, the wireless mounts and lithium-ion batteries really add a layer of reliability and ease to the Waterfront series. With no wires connected to the mounts, they can be freely placed along the entirety of a dock or shoreline and easily removed when needed. And the replaceable batteries offer little maintenance to keep the lights running.

Last but not least, the auto-on and preset-off timers are a real game changer for the Waterfront series. The lights turn on automatically at dusk for ease of use, but an optional timer will turn them off after four, six, or eight hours to preserve energy.

The Waterfront series, with all of its perks, is a prime example of how Mark and TouchStone continue to innovate and explore new lighting designs for their customer base.

“TouchStone has been around since 1986, and the SunTino product line — I started that about six years ago — and I’ve been expanding it a little here and a little there every year, and this year we got into this new Waterfront series.”

In addition to the Waterfront series, TouchStone offers a variety of lighting fixtures intended to accent your home’s architecture, landscapes, and outdoor living spaces.

So whether you invest in the Waterfront series or a different TouchStone light series, you’ll be sure to receive “reliable, good-quality, high-performance fixtures” that will last for years to come.

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