Fox Home Innovations is celebrating 15 years in 2024

In 2008, Chris Fox found himself like many in the home construction and renovation industry: unemployed. Armed with construction skills, a business degree from K-State, and an entrepreneurial mindset, Chris was ready to forge his own path in the remodeling industry. A year later, he officially founded Fox Home Innovations and brought on his friend and fellow K-State graduate, Matt Carlson, as his business partner. Together, Chris and Matt envisioned a company that would break the mold, focusing on remodeling with a level of professionalism that was scarce in a market fixated on new construction. For the first few five years, Matt split his time between working at the Manhattan Fire Department and building the business. “Ten years ago this month, actually, I came to a fork in the road where I had to decide whether to resign [from the fire department],” says Matt. 

This year, Fox Home Innovations celebrates their 15 year anniversary. The company is guided by their core values in all aspects of business, from hiring and employee benefits to customer relationships. Providing an unequaled client experience through clear communication, empathy, and meticulous attention to detail has been their guiding principle. They’ve fostered lasting relationships, treating each client’s project not just as a job, but as a pivotal investment in their lives.

A significant milestone was the construction of their own showroom in 2018, a space that provides a client-oriented environment where dreams and plans can take a tangible form. This move underscored their commitment to being a one-stop shop, offering in-house design and an array of services that ensure every client’s needs are met under one roof.

As the company celebrates its 15th anniversary, the theme “The Next 15” encapsulates their vision for the future. The company is launching a new website, starting a new referral program, and expanding their offerings to include pools and comprehensive home services. At the heart of their anniversary celebration is a profound appreciation for the people who have been part of their journey—clients, trade employees, families, and their dedicated team.

As Fox Home Innovations steps into the future, their commitment to their core values, continuous learning, and adapting to the evolving needs of their clients remains unwavering. They stand as a beacon of innovation and professionalism in the home renovation and construction industry, ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of the next 15 years with the same vigor and passion that have defined their first decade and a half.

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