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Family First

Joe Pavich is buoyed by family and teamwork

Tell us about your beautiful family.

My wife Jenn and my 3 kids. Jenn is an anesthetist and also owns Laser Lounge in Naples. My son Joey is now 13 years old. He plays 14U travel Baseball and Tennis. Juliana is 11 and loves horseback riding, barrel racing, soccer, tennis and volleyball. Jacob who is 8 and plays baseball, soccer and tennis.

During your career, you've seen some dramatic changes in the Naples housing
market. What do you foresee for Q3 and Q4?

The SW Florida real estate market is still going to remain strong.  In the off-season, the inventory usually increases and that will happen for quarters three and four. We may see a little bit more in the next two quarters than usual.  It will still remain a good strong real estate market and a great time for buyers and sellers to upsize, downsize or just sell.  

Who are the most important people in your professional life? 

My mom and dad and brother. Also, my team consists of Teresa Thullen, Julie Ciaramitaro, Stacey Hurley, and Cindy Zairis. I give them a ton of credit because they make it possible for me to be out in the field all day while they manage my files and stay on top of everything. They not only make it possible for me to be out in the field, but they make it possible for me to be a dad and not miss kids' events, games dinner time, and vacations.  

When advising clients, do you find in-person is still the most valuable meeting or
have Zoom, email, and phone taken over?

Each client is different. Once we have a conversation, we determine what the best way to meet. For the clients that are not in town, we can’t meet in person so we will do a Zoom meeting or FaceTime. My preference is always to meet in person. 

What new tools have you discovered recently that help you do your job so well?

I try everything and I know exactly what works. A lot of the new systems are great and I stay ahead of the technology curve but do you know what works best? Better than any technology out there is hard work. I simply work hard.  When the phone rings I pick it up and when the phone doesn’t ring, I make it ring. Technology is great and all the follow-up systems are great as well but what did we do before all of this? A pen, pad, and follow-through. I truly feel that I have the old-school work ethic mixed with new technology and focus on making sure each family is 100% completely satisfied. That’s my secret recipe.

Joe Pavich, Jr.-Broker Associate
Realty World-J.Pavich Real Estate
21301 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite #340, Estero