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Live Intentionally

Idyll Manor: Focusing on a Slower Way of Life

It’s a philosophy.

Sunday afternoons are for self-care. They are for unplugging and being intentional with your time and efforts. It is about eliminating noise and seeing simple as good enough.

Slowing Down

Hannah Duffy met her husband in Ireland. There, she learned the European way of life–a slower way of life. Function can be beautiful, and one quality item can suffice. Slowing down and creating connections are what makes one truly rich.

Duffy, owner of Idyll Manor downtown, is more focused on teaching her customers how to slow down. Counterintuitive to the American way of life that has been created to honor the hustle, Duffy stresses the need for intentionality and giving her patrons the permission to slow down and focus on connection.

Yes, there are things to purchase in her shop. They are quality things. They are classic things. They are timeless things.

Candles that burn for 80 hours, jewelry that does not tarnish, cutting boards made to be used but also made to last, cast iron that is beautiful and also functional.

Turning Tasks into Experiences

Consider the taper candles.

Duffy didn’t go on about the sourcing, burn time or ingredients. She explained how she liked to light taper candles as she was cooking dinner. She lights the candles, pours herself a glass of wine, then begins the cooking process. She described an experience in place of what some would see as a task. This mindset turned a thing into a part of an experience.

So many times, life is seen as a task. There are things to be completed to get on to the next thing. But Duffy is passionate about life. Making dinner, for instance, needs to be done every day, but it doesn't need to be seen as a tedious task to complete before moving on to the next thing. Making dinner can be enjoyed or even looked forward to. 

A shower or bath can be elevated by quality sourced products and intentionality will turn it from a task into a self-care event. A Sunday afternoon can be an intentional time to create a piece of art for the home.

And so on.

Duffy wants her patrons to be able to walk into her store and say yes to intentional living. To take the standard and elevate it to fully live life–not just to get through it.  

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