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Intentional Time with Friends and Family at The Broadmoor

From Soaking Tubs to Wilderness, Colorado Springs' Premier Resort Has It All

We look forward to happenings in the lives of our loved ones, simply for the sake of cheering them on. A remarkable moment. A hard-earned goal achieved. These are the moments we celebrate. This is a natural inclination for us, as women. We revel in showing someone they’re cared for and celebrated in a deep way. When a woman arrives at one of these special moments, we swarm her with generosities of thoughtfulness, nurturing and love.


It could be an afternoon together or, even better, an overnight somewhere intentional and refreshing.

If you’re a local to Colorado Springs, you know that The Broadmoor, a world-renowned resort, is tucked into our own backyard, beckoning us to retreat.

While you may be familiar with their famous Victorian rooms spanning the circumference of their beautiful lake and private pool, have you heard about their cottages? Perched along the 18th fairway with high beam ceilings and grand fireplaces, they hold the largest rooms on property, complete with French doors, verandas and cozy rockers. A soft, slow overnight in a space this charming feels kind for our minds and hearts.

Wilderness Experience

Or maybe you want time unplugged.

The Wilderness Experience has been was renovated and re-opened 2013 and almost immediately has the ability to connect our souls with the outdoors. Like the other two, this Wilderness location is remote from the hotel grounds, nestled into the valley of our mountains. Upon entering the gates of Emerald Valley, you feel like the modern world has disappeared (aside from luxury and five-star five-diamond service). It places you a million miles away from anywhere you were in just one short hour’s drive.

Fly Fishing Camp

Perhaps you’re an outdoorsy group.

Heading to the Fly Fishing Camp is a must. Inclusive of gear, guides and delicious food, it is rustic and grounding. The wrap-around porches paired with a cocktail in hand feels all kinds of Old West luxury. Connecting with the guides while buckling into your waders feels like linking up with old friends. With enormously tall canyons to the right and calm, grass-banked waters to the left, it’s idyllic at the minimum. For one night or two, your blanket under the stars, it feels like the earth’s kindest gestures given to you.

Cloud Camp

Following a long year of time spent with a distance between the ones we hold dearest, let’s change the narrative of traditionalism. Let’s allow the culmination of our experiences to open our eyes as to how we’ve waited for the “right” thing to come along in order to spend with our family or girlfriends. Let’s let the anchoring of our time shared be centered around quality time for no specific reason.

A place like the Broadmoor’s Cloud Camp is unmatched for these moments. By way of horseback, foot or vehicle, travel to an experience quite literally above the clouds. “Relaxing here is like being wrapped in a cashmere pashmina. Sit with your cocktail and watch the storm come in. There is no bad stay here,” Krista Heinicke emphasized, having experienced the Broadmoor in several ways. So, fill the copper tub in your lodge room and soak. Or gather some girlfriends, book all five rooms in the lodge and soak up the ambiance. Go for a long, guided hike. Complete your stay with an exclusive legacy facial on the main grounds after decompressing in the Mountain Room of the spa. It’s second to none. 

Take Your Pick

None of these experiences are hindered by a minimum or maximum stay. It’s your time – you choose. Do it all, ladies. You’ll never regret lifelong laughter, exceptional experiences or time spent with the ones you love.

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